Minimal Everyday Makeup

makeup for beginners

The term “Minimal Makeup” may have different understanding for everyone, specially for those, who like to wear makeup on everyday basis. Somebody’s list of ‘minimal makeup’ may involve just 5 makeup products, whereas somebody else’s minimal makeup list can be consists of at least 20 makeup items. I think, everyone has different makeup requirements according to their own skin concerns and preference of using makeup.

In today’s post, I am sharing my very own version of Minimal Everyday Makeup look and also mentioning all the products that I use to achieve this look. My everyday minimal makeup routine involves 10 products and I spend somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes to get this look.



Here’s the list of products that I use for my everyday makeup routine, mentioning in the exact same order that I apply them. All this stuff goes on my face after moisturizer and eye cream.

Also, I am adding a ‘before’ picture showing few skin concerns that hide away with makeup.

Minimal makeup for beginners


everyday 5 minute makeup


everyday makeup routine


Here are the products


1. Orange Color Corrector

I start my makeup routine by applying this orange color corrector by LA girl, which helps not only neutralizing the darkness under my eyes but cancels out the other dark spots on my face too. I use a small amount to cover the darkest areas: which are under my eyes and around my mouth.


2. BB Cream

Next, I apply the BB cream on my entire face and neck. A BB cream is typically lighter in texture than a foundation. Its a good alternative to even out the facial skin tone when you just want to create a natural look. I use this one from L’oreal in shade medium.



3. Concealer

After BB cream, I use the concealer on all those areas, where I usually apply the color corrector. A concealer helps in hiding any blemishes and dark spots on the face, and helps in brightening up the areas of the face that we want to highlight! I use this concealer from Nars in shade medium.



4. A Basic Neutral Eyeshadow

For a natural eye look, I like to use this palette from Urban Decay. A perfect everyday shadow should be just a few shades darker than our skin tone. This palette helps me creating that natural look without getting all dramatic!


5. Black Kohl Pencil

This is probably the only makeup product, which I never miss while makeup application! I just love a good quality Kohl Kajal! I like to use a soft kohl pencil, preferably in black shade, and fill both my upper and lower lash lines with it.


6. Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I like to experiment a lot. Mascara is the only item in my makeup stash that is being changed (brand wise) almost every other month or so! Right now, I’m using ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara by too faced.



7. A Brow Product

When I first started using makeup, I never really cared about filling my eyebrows. It always felt a little too much for me, with all those darkened brows, or maybe at that time, there wasn’t much variety of good quality brow products available in the market. I added the brow product in my makeup routine, not more than a year ago, and I love the difference I see now. I think all brows look better with a little bit of grooming and filling. Currently, I’m using this brow pencil by It Cosmetics to fill my eyebrows.



I have a medium to fair skin complexion with a little bit of pale tone. So, for me, I do  feel the need to apply a good natural blush that can make me look alive 😀 . If you haven’t found your perfect shade of blush, you should do it now, because a perfect shade of blush will never make you feel that you are wearing a blush, instead it will add some color to your complexion, and make you look like you’re “blushing” naturally! And who doesn’t want that!





9. The Perfect Nude Lipstick

I am a total lipstick junkie. But when it comes to my everyday makeup application, I like to stick to my 2 very natural looking lip shades, and surprisingly, both are by Mac! One is Taupe and other is Cosmo. I wear them interchangeably, depending on my mood. I love the way these lipstick shades look on my skin tone for everyday purpose.



10. Makeup Setting Spray

Last, but not least, who doesn’t love that dewy glowing look on their face? Well, I achieve this by using a hydrating setting spray after my makeup application. Currently, I’m using this one from cover FX.

Avant_garde blog

Optional: A Gel Eyeliner

I didn’t include this makeup product in my ’10-product Makeup List’ because, I don’t wear eyeliner on my eyes everyday but, If someday I feel like, then I use this one from Clinique.


What do you have in your everyday makeup routine list? Do you like to wear makeup everyday or not? Don’t forget to mention 🙂

Hope y’ll are having a great day! ❤
See you soon in the next post!
Until then…




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  1. I wish I could get away with just a bb cream, but my redness and scarring from spots is a little too bad so always need foundation. I agree it’s great to have your brows done, and I was also guilty of not bothering with them! It was probably about 2008 before I started properly doing them and it makes a big difference I think. Good post my lovely xx

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