7 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Currently there’s no sign of Spring anywhere here in Boston. In fact the weather here, specially during this time of year, can be very unpredictable and tricky! From the dressing up point of view too, finding new spring outfit ideas everyday can be a pain, especially when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like. So, how do we start the seasonal transition while the weather is still on a roller coaster?

As we all know, the key factor to survive such tricky weather is ‘Layering’. The concept of layering isn’t new to anyone. But the real learning, however, is to select the best essentials for your own lifestyle; because not everyone needs the exact same list! Luckily, there are few core basics a.k.a ‘Wardrobe essentials’ for the ultimate fuss-free & functional Spring closet which will help keeping you warm and stylish at the same time.

I am ready to build my early spring wardrobe! Are you too? Ready to begin the winter-to-early spring transition? I bet you are 😉

Trench Coat

There’s something so effortlessly chic and classy about a trench coat.

A good fitted Trench coat can be the centerpiece to a simple outfit. Not its only a stylish outerwear piece for transitioning from winter to spring, but it also goes with almost everything in your closet.

Ideally, I would stick to the classic camel trench, but if you’re someone who love experimenting with your outfit looks, you can definitely go for bold colors as well.

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Prints & Florals

Florals? For spring? Yup, it’s nothing new, but it’s a fail safe spring go-to that we all love year after year. You see floral pieces can’t really go ‘out’. What’s better for spring than a colorful print?

But if you’re someone who doesn’t like too much florals or prints, you can always skip a whole floral outfit idea and stick to few hero pieces according to your comfort level. Doesn’t matter if it may be a pair of fun socks or just a colorful printed scarf, it will definitely add that springy vibes to your whole look.

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Lightweight Jacket : Bomber/ Leather/ Denim

Lightweight jackets are another great way to add layers to your outfit during these in-between days.

The bomber has recently taken over the fashion world. These are all over the place. Same goes for a basic denim jacket. It can be a great cover up option either for sunny spring days or windy evenings. Or maybe you can drape an oversize denim jacket over a neutral sweater, and pair with a skirt for a chic and stylish look.

What about leather? If you don’t own a leather jacket yet, its time! You won’t regret it. Leather jackets come in various styles and colors. If not more, then every woman should own atleast one leather jacket that she looks most flattering in.

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Striped Tee

When it’s time to put that chunky sweaters away, trade them out for lightweight striped knit.

A striped knit shirt or tee is one of the best garments to have in the spring. Its simple yet versatile. Striped shirt can always be styled in many fabulous ways. Who doesn’t aware with the magical combo of red lips and strips!

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Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is a fun and simple way to mix up the prints. Instead of wearing a necklace, try a soft loop of bright fabric to perk up a mundane outfit instantly. Wrap it around your neck, tie it around the top handle of youhandbag or wrap it around your wrist to get that Parisian chic look and you’ll have a new season’s micro trend nailed.

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Aviator Sunglasses

Okay I know what are you thinking! Aviators might not essentially for spring as you can wear them year round but they’d definitely perk the things little bit up. Aviators look super chic. Whether it’s a rainbow mirrored lens or unique frame, go for a pair of aviators that stands you out from the crowd. No matter what is the sunglasses style, they are best solution to finish off your look.

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A chic Bag

Last but not least, in my opinion, every woman should own at least one beautiful handbag in her closet that she splurged on.
But before spending your fortune on it, make sure, not only your goto It-bag should be a versatile piece in your wardrobe that can be carried every day, but also, is pretty enough that it can effortlessly make your outfit standout! 🙂

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Hope y’all are having a great time! How’s Spring at your side? What are your Spring wardrobe staples? Don’t forget to share your ideas.  🙂

Happy weekend ❤

See you soon in the next post.
Until then…

26 thoughts on “7 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Love the bombers and leather jackets! Well floral prints too! Love them all. I just bought another leather jacket this last weeken


  2. It’s usually hot in Texas so spring is no exception. For spring I always stock up on floral prints (love those)usually a dress or two, I try to incorporate vibrant colors into my wardrobe like pastels. A nice sun hat, a colorful purse, sandals (I’m digging rose gold right now) and jewelry.


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