Style And Changing Body Shape

We all know that our bodies do not look same what they used to look 10 years ago, specially after a certain age. Fitness gets hard with aging. No matter how much we try to stay loyal to our fitness routine, it is not always easy to maintain a certain weight or shape.

There are always few parts of our bodies we don’t like to flaunt and want to hide them away under the loose fit clothes. All that because of the continuous changing body shape. And trust me, its absolutely natural and happens to almost everyone, specially the women who are on a weight-loss journey, those who are impacted by motherhood and others who just seem to fluctuate!

However in such situations I still want to stay in style and make it work. Thus, keeping all these things in mind, I’m sharing few tips and tricks, in today’s post, regarding how to stay stylish with changing body shape that may help you to re-think before planning your outfit of the day! 🙂


Fit is the most important thing. You could have the trendiest, most expensive outfit in the world—but if it doesn’t fit you properly, you’re not going to look stylish, and all your effort and money would have been wasted. The biggest mistake women make is wearing clothes that don’t fit because they don’t accept the body they have right now.  You have to accept yourself in order to figure out what looks good on you right now!



Different Body Shapes

Also, if you already not know your actual bodyshape, find it out in above chart.


For me, style & comfort go hand by hand. I think every person has a different definition for comfort. Some of us feel comfortable wearing sneakers, others just can not go out without heels. Same applies in clothing too.
But whatever you do, make sure you’re comfortable in your entire outfit. Because if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’ll not feel confident whatsoever! And ‘confidence’ is the key factor to feel and look stylish.


By ‘support’ I mean to wear good quality good fitted underwear: bra, panty or even spanks! When you will be well supported, your clothing will sit on your frame in the most flattering way. Know your best fit in this area too. If you will compromise in this department, all the other efforts will go waste!


Underwear Styles



It’s important to know the right time to play with the trends. Your outfit is not simply a thing with a certain aesthetic appeal; it’s a form of self-expression.

On the other hand, the classic pieces will always look stylish no matter how a person’s body changes. Wearing simple looks like a button-down shirt with a well fitted pair of jeans and a stylish pair of shoes (pumps, flats or sneakers) will always look good in all situations!


This is the most important step so far. Go through all your wardrobe thoroughly once every month. Check what doesn’t look good on you currently. Pull out every uncomfortable piece of clothing you own, bag it up, and stuff it somewhere else for this month. You’re not throwing it away, you’re just getting it out of your sight so you can focus on those clothes you actually would look good in, according to your current need. Try to do this every month and trust me doing this will really help you!

In last, don’t forget to add that dash of ‘Swag’. Be it a pair of heels, or the perfect accessories (a bag, scarf or statement piece of jewelry). Seemingly tiny tricks can totally change your looks. For example, something as simple as looping your belt in a certain way or tucking your shirt in, can have a huge impact on your style. Adding a little swag to your entire outfit will keep you stylish even when your body is changing. 🙂


With all these tips and tricks I wish you all a very Happy New Year once again 🙂

Have a great weekend. See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

20 thoughts on “Style And Changing Body Shape

  1. i agree with you ! fit is the most important thing and accepting its own body shape is the key to feel good. I am a pear and i love it!


  2. Thank you for this wonderful post, Ritu! Your ideas are spot on! The fit is so important and when you feel confident, you will look confident! I love your suggestion of adding a loop to your belt. I’ve done that before and definitely got compliments. 🙂 Happy New Year, Babe!


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