LET’S TALK FASHION : How To Make a ‘Fashion’ Statement

Fashion is not only about clothes and accessories, its about the amount of creativity that you put in bringing those pieces together to complete a flattering look! And ‘Style’… well it’s more of a personal thing. Your style makes you unique! It is indeed quite important feature of your personality.

Being modish is something you can’t resist if you are into fashion. Call yourself a ‘fashion enthusiast’ if you love to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and do not fear to be experimental with your looks and your fashion sense.

The bottom line is ‘when you look your best, you feel your best’! So why not put a little bit extra effort to make yourself look and feel ‘The best’ version of yourself? Shall we?

1. Find Your Best Fit: First thing first, take a little time and effort to find out your best fit. Focus on buying and wearing the pieces that define your figure and highlight your assets.


2. Pick Colors wisely: Have you ever got that compliment from someone saying “Wow… this color looks amazing on you!” I bet you would!

Choice of colors is another important feature while deciding your wardrobe. Pick colors that work best for your skin tone. Learn what is your skin tone: cool,warm or neutral and decide your wardrobe color palette accordingly.

dresses3. Know the Fit Of Your Jeans: Well For Jeans, I would say the whole ‘Style Game’ revolves around the power of ‘right’ pick. Get to know which style would flatter your curves well and spend your money accordingly! There are many jeans styles available: Skinny, Straight, Bootcut, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Flared… Take time to find which style is best suitable for your body type.

4. Choose Quality: Purchase pieces that are made well. Make a habit of NOT compromising the quality over the quantity.


5. Create a Smooth Base Under Your Clothes: Bra lines and visible panty lines are distracting and make your clothes look flimsy and ill-fitting. A well-fitted bra, a slip, or a little lightweight shape-wear can minimize those bumps and distractions, and make your clothes look instantly more luxe.

6. Spend Thoughtfully: Stick to this one Rule – “Invest in expensive statement pieces, be easy on fast trending items, and save on basic and versatile pieces”. Learn which looks or styles draw attention to your best assets. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t show them off, no matter how popular the pieces are!

7. Look Expensive: Great-fitting clothes always look more expensive on your body. Find out good tailoring service. Properly fitted clothing will compliment your physique better than any high-branded ill-fitted garment.


8. Confidence: Last but not least, the ultimate key for making a “fashion statement” is to be confident in your look. Wear what you like and push boundaries by owning your personal style! Take my word on that, rock your style with full confidence and it will never set you back! 😉

By the way… Summer has always been my favorite season. Specially from the clothing point of view. The reason is simple… freedom of getting out of those heavy layers and warm coats!

And also because ‘summer’ is the season of beaches, flip flops, shorts, sandals, tank tops etc. and I don’t think people who love summers need any more reasons than that!

Do you love summers too? How do you maintain your summer style? I Would love to learn more from you. 🙂

Until then…


48 thoughts on “LET’S TALK FASHION : How To Make a ‘Fashion’ Statement

  1. That was a very helpful and informative post indeed . Thanks for sharing it.I will keep all these points in mind next time I go shopping.


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