Minimal Everyday Makeup

makeup for beginners

The term “Minimal Makeup” may have different understanding for everyone, specially for those, who like to wear makeup on everyday basis. Somebody’s list of ‘minimal makeup’ may involve just 5 makeup products, whereas somebody else’s minimal makeup list can be consists of at least 20 makeup items. I think, everyone has different makeup requirements according to their own skin concerns and preference of using makeup.

In today’s post, I am sharing my very own version of Minimal Everyday Makeup look and also mentioning all the products that I use to achieve this look. My everyday minimal makeup routine involves 10 products and I spend somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes to get this look.



Here’s the list of products that I use for my everyday makeup routine, mentioning in the exact same order that I apply them. All this stuff goes on my face after moisturizer and eye cream.

Also, I am adding a ‘before’ picture showing few skin concerns that hide away with makeup.

Minimal makeup for beginners


everyday 5 minute makeup


everyday makeup routine


Here are the products


1. Orange Color Corrector

I start my makeup routine by applying this orange color corrector by LA girl, which helps not only neutralizing the darkness under my eyes but cancels out the other dark spots on my face too. I use a small amount to cover the darkest areas: which are under my eyes and around my mouth.


2. BB Cream

Next, I apply the BB cream on my entire face and neck. A BB cream is typically lighter in texture than a foundation. Its a good alternative to even out the facial skin tone when you just want to create a natural look. I use this one from L’oreal in shade medium.



3. Concealer

After BB cream, I use the concealer on all those areas, where I usually apply the color corrector. A concealer helps in hiding any blemishes and dark spots on the face, and helps in brightening up the areas of the face that we want to highlight! I use this concealer from Nars in shade medium.



4. A Basic Neutral Eyeshadow

For a natural eye look, I like to use this palette from Urban Decay. A perfect everyday shadow should be just a few shades darker than our skin tone. This palette helps me creating that natural look without getting all dramatic!


5. Black Kohl Pencil

This is probably the only makeup product, which I never miss while makeup application! I just love a good quality Kohl Kajal! I like to use a soft kohl pencil, preferably in black shade, and fill both my upper and lower lash lines with it.


6. Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I like to experiment a lot. Mascara is the only item in my makeup stash that is being changed (brand wise) almost every other month or so! Right now, I’m using ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara by too faced.



7. A Brow Product

When I first started using makeup, I never really cared about filling my eyebrows. It always felt a little too much for me, with all those darkened brows, or maybe at that time, there wasn’t much variety of good quality brow products available in the market. I added the brow product in my makeup routine, not more than a year ago, and I love the difference I see now. I think all brows look better with a little bit of grooming and filling. Currently, I’m using this brow pencil by It Cosmetics to fill my eyebrows.



I have a medium to fair skin complexion with a little bit of pale tone. So, for me, I do  feel the need to apply a good natural blush that can make me look alive 😀 . If you haven’t found your perfect shade of blush, you should do it now, because a perfect shade of blush will never make you feel that you are wearing a blush, instead it will add some color to your complexion, and make you look like you’re “blushing” naturally! And who doesn’t want that!





9. The Perfect Nude Lipstick

I am a total lipstick junkie. But when it comes to my everyday makeup application, I like to stick to my 2 very natural looking lip shades, and surprisingly, both are by Mac! One is Taupe and other is Cosmo. I wear them interchangeably, depending on my mood. I love the way these lipstick shades look on my skin tone for everyday purpose.



10. Makeup Setting Spray

Last, but not least, who doesn’t love that dewy glowing look on their face? Well, I achieve this by using a hydrating setting spray after my makeup application. Currently, I’m using this one from cover FX.

Avant_garde blog

Optional: A Gel Eyeliner

I didn’t include this makeup product in my ’10-product Makeup List’ because, I don’t wear eyeliner on my eyes everyday but, If someday I feel like, then I use this one from Clinique.


What do you have in your everyday makeup routine list? Do you like to wear makeup everyday or not? Don’t forget to mention 🙂

Hope y’ll are having a great day! ❤
See you soon in the next post!
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10 Most Wearable SS’18 Fashion Trends

Spring is just around the corner and I bet, most of you, my friends out there, have already started picking the stuff to add in your wardrobe to make it spring ready 😉 .

We all know the importance of basic classic staples, that builds the foundation of our wardrobe, however, its always nice and fun to inject some new trendy pieces into our existing wardrobe to mix and match with all those basic classic pieces, just to add a little bit of freshness and newness every season!

The interesting thing about trends is that they come and go, and I believe that you don’t have to follow all of them if you’re not comfortable adapting them. And, if you’re someone who just loves experimenting with your appearance on regular basis, then go for it.

That being said, today’s post is all about 2018 trends, and I am going to share my 10 most favorite wearable trends, which are going to make a statement this spring/summer. Most of these trends are making a comeback from 80s and 90s.

Lets begin!


Fanny Packs

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This ’90s staple is having the ultimate revival this season. From the Spring 2018 runways to the street style scene, they’re everywhere.

There are some certain ways that you can style a fanny pack, for example, you can wear it on your waist or you can totally style it by strapping around one shoulder like a cross body bag.


Polka Dots

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Polka dots, is another trend on rise, which I think, is very easy to incorporate in your everyday wear. Some tips that you can style polka dots is by adding a polka dot button down dress or a flowy polka dot blouse with jeans or maybe a polka dot bottom paired up with a silk blouse!



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Pastels are going to be huge trend this spring/summer. You can either mix and match pastels in your existing wardrobe or you can wear them all alone to make a statement! You’ll see pastels not only in clothing, but in all sorts of accessories and footwear too.


Rainbow colors

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Along with the pastels, you’ll see the bright rainbow colors everywhere, as well! This is going to be fun to see, how different people are going to style this trend. I’m already so excited 😀


Skinny Glasses

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The skinny sunnies are going to be this season’s most coveted shades. Call it a pair of skinny narrow cat eye or a pair of small size oval sunnies, looks like everyone needs to own at least one pair of these tiny little sunglasses this season.


Straw Bags

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We have seen the basket bag trend last summer and it took over the Instagram completely last year! I totally loved it. Luckily, the trend is still kicking this year. And the good thing is that this year, you are going to see so many variations of these bags.



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Purple is announced as the color of the year by Pantone. To be more specific, “lavender” or “lilac” is going to take over 2018! This season, you’ll see this color on almost everything; from sequined dresses to oversized knits to sharp suit sets.



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It looks as if heritage checks are going nowhere for the season ahead. This spring/summer you’re going to see lots of check in almost every kind of silhouette. Isn’t that great?!


Circle Bags

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Round or Circle bags are on the most-wanted list this season. You’ll see a variety of circle bags this year, starting from woven wicker cross body bags to embellished leather shoulder bags. I am already loving this bag trend, how about you?



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Shorts?! You may ask, what’s new in shorts for spring/summer? That’s pretty much I asked myself when I first heard that the Shorts were the surprise trend of Paris Fashion Week!

Well, the shorts are going to be in trend because you’ll see many variations of shorts this spring/summer that basically fall into three categories: casual, dressy and the attention seeking knee length cycling shorts in both casual and dressy style.


So, these were few trends that I’m personally loving right now and definitely going to incorporate in my existing wardrobe for spring/summer. There are few other trends in SS18 list which I didn’t include in today’s post, as clearly, I am not quite impressed by those ones! What about you? Don’t forget to share your favorites 🙂 . Hope y’all are having a superb week!

Thank you so much for reading. See you soon in the next post! ❤

Until then…


5 Products That Saved My Skin In Dry Cold Weather

spring 2018 skincare

Winter can be tricky season for many of us, specially, when it comes to the skin. And, if you are someone, who lives in a colder part of world, you know the struggle! Here, in Boston, the winter gets brutal sometimes! Specially, that chilly wind!

Winter skincare 2018

Today I’m sharing 5 skincare products that saved my skin from absolutely dry cold weather, and I love using them currently as well, as there is no sign of spring here for now!

Disclaimer: All opinions about the products I’ve mentioned in my blog today, are based on my personal experiences, I’m not promoting any brand or product here, whatsoever!


Kiehls winter 2018 skincare

Kiehl’s Eye Creme (Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado)

This cream was recommended to me by one of my blogger friends; when I was tired of trying almost everything for my dull, dehydrated and dark under eye skin!
3 years ago, when I first noticed some changes in my under eye skin area, I was on a hunt of a good eye cream since then, that would actually work! Tried few (expensive) eye creams too, but no luck! Then, after my friend told me about her experience with this cream, I convinced myself to give it a try, and believe me, I saw a significant difference in my under eye skin area after 15 days of regular usage! This cream is on pricier side, but according to my personal experience, it is worth every penny!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer

After using Kiehl’s eye cream for a month, I was so much impressed by the brand, that I decided to try few more skincare products, so I purchased these 2 face lotions for winter time. And I can’t emphasize enough, how much I’ve loved these products. These lotions are so moisturizing. These feel super light on my skin. These lotions absorb pretty well into the skin. There is no scent. These lotions are super hydrating that you don’t feel the need to apply lot, a little goes a long way so it is good value for money. I purchased 2 of them, as you can clearly see, one of them includes SPF, and other doesn’t.


vaseline liptin review

Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins

I have always been a fan of Vaseline to help with my chapped lips. When Vaseline released their Lip Therapy Tins in a variety of formulas, I couldn’t be more excited. Although, personally I think that bullet version of lip balm is easier to use and carry anywhere, as its not always comfortable to use the product from tub anyhow! But since, I got this one, it has become much easier to use vaseline on regular basis! Also, I feel that , living in this kind of dry weather, my lips need much more moisture and hydration on regular basis, which only vaseline can provide! Its a must have in my winter skincare list.


bodyshop vitamin e nightcream review

Bodyshop ‘Vitamin E’ Nourishing Night Cream

For some reason, I’ve always gravitate towards the night creams which contains Vitamin E! I don’t know, its just a personal choice! I’m totally in love with this one because It doesn’t feel sticky on my skin during night time and I love the look and feel of my skin when wake up in the morning, really! It has a very light scent, which doesn’t bother me at all. Its lightweight texture makes it easy and smoothly to apply and it gets absorbed into the skin in no time.

So, if you ask me what to pick and what to leave from these 5 products, I won’t be able to pick any one. All these products collectively helped my skin to survive the dry winter! Overall, I’m so glad that I included these products in my winter skincare, in-spite of high price tags, but honestly, these really worked well for me! My skin looks more even, nourished and healthy than ever 🙂

Have you tried any of these? What do think? Let me know 🙂

See y’all soon in the next post!

Until then…

MARC JACOBS Snake Charmer 5-Piece Petite Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Set



This Holiday season, Marc Jacobs came up with a mini lipgloss set with a very beautiful shade range. This Lip Lacquer set contains 5 Hi-Shine Lip glosses in mini versions. These are:

• Sugar Sugar – Light peach with shimmer
• Skin Deep – Taupe with pink undertone
• Raspberry Beret – Mid tone plum
• Boys Don’t Cry – Deep purple
• Ch-ch-changes – Warm brown with a blue and green shimmer




The formula of these glosses is very nourishing, and the shades are very well pigmented.   All the colors are opaque which means they provide maximum coverage on lips. Also, they feel super comfortable on lips too.

For me particularly, the shade “Sugar Sugar” was a little on lighter side as per my skin tone, almost similar to my lip color, but then again, I’m not disappointed from it as it provides a very creamy texture and I can pair it with any nude lip product to get desired result!




One thing, that differentiate these lip glosses from all the other glosses available in market, is that, these lip glosses have mint scent, but thankfully it is not intense at all. So I can definitely say that its not a bummer for all those who have trouble with strong scents. You just feel the scent for first few seconds after application, and then it disappears within a minute or so.

This set has a good range of shades for both day and night. Moreover, there’s a new shade in this set: “Ch-ch-changes” which is a very unique and interesting shade. I have never seen or worn anything like this on my lips before! But its comfortably wearable. It can be worn either individually as a gloss or as a lip topper.


Lip Swatches:



I purchased this set for 39$ USD but later on, it went on sale. If you are interested, you can check Sephora or Marc Jacobs Beauty website.

Overall, I think this is a great opportunity to try out the Marc Jacobs ‘Hi shine lip gloss formula’, which is a very good option in the given price range, and even better if you can get any deal on it!!

Hope y’all are having great time with your family and friends ❤

Have you tried any of these lip glosses yet? If yes, please share your experience. Would love to hear from you 🙂

Enjoy Holidays and Stay warm 🙂 See you soon in the next post!

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HUDA BEAUTY Contour & Strobe Lip Set


Hello everyone!


huda beauty holiday liptin set in trendsetter and snobby swatches.jpg


Recently, Huda Kattan (Huda Beauty) launched a few limited-edition Holiday makeup sets. Basically, the mini eyeshadow palettes and mini lip sets. Today’s post is all about the Contour & Strobe Lip set, that has gained popularity in no time, not only because of the lip products inside the liptins but because of very cute and eye-catching packaging as well.

These limited-edition lip sets are inspired by Huda’s own trademark pout, which are packaged in a covetable lip-shaped tin. Inside this tin, you’ll get a full-size Lip Contour, a mini Liquid Matte Lipstick in a complementary shade, and a mini Lip Strobe.


huda beauty liptin swatches on indian skin


There are five different sets available in this collection and each one of them is retail for $25 USD.

The names of these 5 sets are:

– Trophy Wife & Shameless
– Muse & Angelic
– Silver Fox & Angelic
– Bombshell & Ritzy
– Trendsetter & Snobby

The set I bought is Trendsetter & Snobby.


huda beauty liptin in trendsetter swatches


This set contains:
– 0.04 oz/ 1.2 g Lip Contour
– 0.064 oz/ 1.9 mL Liquid Matte Lipstick
– 0.07 oz/ 2 mL Lip Strobe



‘Trendsetter’ is 90’s perfect brown shade in Liquid Matte, whereas ‘Snobby’ is a light-reflecting pink and gold gloss with rich pigments and intense color payoff. All of the three colors in this set are highly pigmented.

The formula of both of the matte liquid lip and lip contour (pencil) is little tacky, but since its very lightweight and thin, its not uncomfortable to wear. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry.

Lip contour (pencil) doesn’t have any scent, whereas Liquid matte lipstick has a strong scent (which I can’t explain), but it goes away within a few seconds of application. Lip strobe, on the other hand, does have a light scent, which also goes away after sometime. I must say, this lip strobe is surprisingly wearable. It looks perfect either ways, individually or as a lip topper. It looks beautiful no matter what. Also, the formula of strobe is pretty moisturized.

These do last quite a while, specially the matte liquid lipstick! But the Lip strobe comes off easily if you attempt to drink or eat something during the day.



Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set Swatches on indian skin


Overall, I’m very impressed with this lip set. I think, these combinations are very gorgeous. I love the set I bought and I can’t get enough of it. ‘Snobby’ is perfect for the Holiday season. Mine has already finished and I have ordered another one in the full size, as I’m using it as a topper on almost every lip product I’m wearing these days.

In nutshell, I think its a pretty great deal for the price of $25.00, considering the products you get, alongwith the cute little lip-shaped tin. Otherwise, Huda Beauty’s full size liquid lips are usually priced at $20 and contour lips are priced at $18, but within these lip tins you’re getting each one of these mini liquid lipstick/strobe and one full-sized lip contour just for $25. So, its definitely a very good value/gift pack for anyone who wants to try Huda Beauty lip products for the first time. Did I mention that these lip tins are perfect for travel too. 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying this Holiday season with your family and friends 🙂 . Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 .

See y’all soon in the next post. Until then…


NARS x Man Ray: The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set

NARS x Man Ray The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set review


This Sephora exclusive limited edition ‘Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set’ by Nars includes four full-sized Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, all sealed in a golden kiss covetable cosmetic case. The golden cosmetic case is inspired by the electrifying art of modern master Man Ray, who is well known as the ‘master-of-modern art’ and a very famous photographer of his time.


NARS x Man Ray The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set


As mentioned earlier, this set features four full-sized shades: two of which are new limited-edition shades and two are from their existing line.


NARS x Man Ray The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set swatches


This set contains:

  • 0.086 oz/ 2.4 g full-size Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Endangered Red (Bordeaux) matte finish
  • 0.086 oz/ 2.4 g full-size Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Toundra (rust) matte finish
  • 0.086 oz/ 2.4 g full-size Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Wild Ways (mahogany) sheer finish
  • 0.086 oz/ 2.4 g full-size Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Spell Bound (shimmering pink beige) sheer finish
  • Man Ray-inspired gold pouch


Man Ray for NARS Holiday Collection - The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set - jpeg


All of these lip pencils have velvety smooth finish and these are very easy to apply. These are not true matte, hence these are quite comfortable to wear.

The non-drying formula of these lip pencils is enriched with vitamin E and other emollients for a creamy texture. Because of this formula, it doesn’t dry out the lips.




All the shades in this set are pretty wearable. The color payoff is also good (not very long-lasting though). It needs re-application after having a meal or a cup of coffee. It is tranferrable but at the same time, it doesn’t leave any stain on lips after wearing off.




‘Spell Bound’ is little too sheer for my skin tone, but it has a little shimmer to it, which helps making it not look dull. Other three have good pigmentation, but then again, I have to apply few layers to see the actual color on my lips.


NARS x Man Ray The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set swatches on Indian skintone


The only feature, I’m not very impressed with is that, these pencils are not retractable. So you may have to bear additional cost of $6 to buy NARS pencil sharpener to sharpen this product (if you don’t already have one).

Overall, I do think this whole set is a great deal for $49, which is a very reasonable price for 4 full sized NARS lip pencils. As a single lip pencil will cost you 27$ each, if you decide to buy any of these separately! This definitely makes a beautiful gift set for makeup lovers.


Hope you are enjoying this festive time of year with your friends and families 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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I wish y’all a very Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays ❤

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Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda

Although I’m not a big fan of winters per se, but I love Holiday season! Who doesn’t 🙂 .

Talking about Holidays, this time of year is actually very exciting for all the makeup lovers/junkies! You ask why? Because almost all makeup/beauty brands launch their gift sets and value sets during this season. Usually, I don’t like to buy makeup in such large quantities at one time, but this Holiday season I’m breaking all the rules 😀 .

Hence (finally), I’ve decided to revamp my makeup collection and bought few Holiday makeup sets. In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each of them with you all. So stay tuned 🙂 .


The first thing I bought is this “Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda”!


too faced holiday set 2017 review


Too-Faced-Boss-Lady-Beauty-AgendaWhat It Is:

It is a limited-edition makeup collection for eyes, lips, and face with an exclusive year-round beauty agenda. It’s made with faux pink leather material that has a tassel zip around. Inside you’ll find two folds to hold a planner and a tiny heart-shaped mirror.


This Set Contains:

24 x 0.03 oz/ 0.95g Eyeshadow Palette

0.08 oz/ 2.5 g Luminizer in #Blessed

0.08 oz/ 2.5 g Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil

0.08 oz/ 2.5 g Blush in Will You Merry Me?

0.1 oz/ 3 g Deluxe Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Sell Out

0.17 oz/ 4.8 g Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara

Leatherette mini zip-around agenda cover with built-in mirror

Sticker sheets

A Paper-bound agenda

Also, this fun paper-bound agenda features reminder stickers, 12 exclusive step-by-steps tutorials—one for each month of the year, plus exclusive fun facts and beauty tips from Too Faced Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino.


Too-Faced-Boss-Lady-Beauty-Agenda copy




There are mattes, shimmers, and velvety satin finish eyeshadows in the eyeshadow palette, some of which, few shades are a rerun of eyeshadows from the past collections.


too-faced_boss-lady-beauty-agenda swatches


Too faced Boss lady beauty agenda 2017 review


too face boss lady beauty agenda eyeshadow swatches


Shadows are nicely pigmented and have an array of finishes. Good for day or night. Texture wise, the powders go on very well on the lid (primer or not). The majority of the shimmery shades are significantly less dusty. The mattes are velvety and pigmented, though there are few misses in the palette judging from swatches alone. I have already used few shades on my lids and I am really happy about the quality so far.





Too faced Holiday set 2017 review and swatches


This palette also includes a Highlighter, Blush and a Bronzer inside, which is of great quality as well.


Too faced lady boss holiday set review





I loved the melted matte lipstick. This is my first time trying it and I loved the formula and the way it feels on lips. Inspite of the matte formula, it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. The only thing I keep in mind every time I wear it is that I exfoliate and well hydrate my lips before applying, so that it will look more flattering 😉


Too faced deluxe melted matte liquid lipstick in sell out


Too faced melted matte liquid lipstick sell out on Indian skin




I’m sure most of you must’ve already heard many good things about (or probably used) this mascara, so I’ll not spend more time on it. I think this mascara is just OK for me. I found that single application is good but when I tried another coat, it resulted in clumping.
Overall, it’s definitely a very well pigmented, dark black mascara, and it separates and defines the lashes well.


My Final Thoughts:

So, this was my first time trying any product from this brand (Yeh… always late to the party 😛 ) and I really loved the quality and Idea of this whole set. But if you are someone who already own any or most of the stuff similar to this set, then you may want to skip this one! But if not, then I highly recommend this Beauty Agenda which in my opinion is a wonderful gift idea for yourself or your loved ones!


What do you think about this Beauty Agenda? Don’t forget to share your thoughts 🙂 And lemme know if you enjoyed this post and want me to write more posts like this. Hope you are having a good day!

See y’all soon in the next post. Until then…


My Favorite Burgundy/Berry Lip Colors for Autumn

Hello everyone!

I absolutely love wearing dark lip colors. And now that we’ve already entered in Fall season, I don’t think I need any excuse to wear dark lip. I’ve taken all my dark lip products out and I’m all set to rock each one of them 🙂




I decided to share few of my favorite Burgundy lip products (including lipsticks and lipliners) with y’all, in today’s post. I am sure all these lip shades will look beautiful on any or all skin tones.


Best drugstore fall lipsticks


All of these lip products are absolutely affordable. I’m gonna put links for each of the product that I’ve mentioned in this post, just in case you want to get any of these!


  1. NYX Lipliner Prune
  2. Barry M Lipliner 
  3. Prestige Lipliner Wine
  4. Loreal Colour Riche Matte-Jestic
  5. Loreal Colour Riche Doesn’t Matte-R
  6. Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick Rebel Chic
  7. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Luv me


What about you? Do you like dark/bold lip colors? Don’t forget to share your favorites too 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day! ❤

See you soon in next post. Until then…

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder: Botanic Dream

wet n wild megaglo highlighting powder botanic dream review


Wet ‘n’ Wild’s “Botanic Dream” MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is a very beautiful pink highlighting powder. There are total 6 shades available in this range, out of which 2 shades have been released a while ago, while 4 are the new additions.

best highlighter for indian skin



These MegaGlo Highlighters come in a squared plastic case with a very beautiful leaf pattern embossed into the powder. Each one of these highlighters retails for $4.99 (USD) and contains 0.19 oz of total product.



As I first swatched this powder on the back of my hand, I noticed that this product offers a decent amount of pigmentation just after a single swipe. It has a pearl sheen and very easy to blend formula.


wet n wild botanic dream swatch


The texture is very buttery and it has very little chunks of glitter, which you’ll only notice on cheeks! This shade lasted for 6-7 hours on me before fading.

In my opinion, this is a very good drugstore highlighter under this price range! If you’re just a beginner in makeup area and are trying to explore more and more budgeted beauty products on frequent basis, then you don’t want to skip on this one!

What are your thoughts on this product? Would love to hear back 🙂

Happy (almost) weekend 🙂
See you soon in the next post. Until then…


MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection: Swatches

MacXNicki nudes lipstick swaches on Indian skintone


Who doesn’t love to have a perfect shade of nude lipstick in their collection, that compliments their skin tone perfectly! Having said that, few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj launched a Nude lipsticks collection in collaboration with Mac cosmetics! Yes, you read it correct. All Nudes!! If you’re not aware of it, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered 😉 . Just click here to know more about this collection!

Here are the swatches of all the 4 lipsticks and one lipglass that I bought from this collection. Let me know in the comment section, which one you liked the most 🙂


Among The Fireflies

Mac Among the fireflies lipstick swatch



Age Sex Location

Mac age sex location lipstick swatch



Easy Babe

Mac Easy Babe lipstick swatch



A Girl’s Got Needs

Mac a girl's got needs lipstick swatch



Spice Lipglass

Mac spice lipglass swatch


Hope y’all are having a wonderful day! 🙂

See you soon in the next post. Until then…


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