5 Mascaras Tried and Tested

  Mascara is that one magical product that can immediately enhance  the natural beauty of your face’s one of the most prominent features that is ‘Eyes’. A good mascara is basically every girl’s essential makeup product.     As a personal preference, I like to stick to the original (washable) formulas for daily-use, instead of […]

A Quick #OOTD Post

Happy Thursday everyone!   A quick hello and wishing you a great (almost) weekend ahead! As the title says, today’s post is an ‘outfit of the day’ post.  I’m assuming some of you my beautiful friends may have noticed my Instagram grid at the end of (almost) every page and if you didn’t, then I’m very excited […]

H&M Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

  H&M is one of my favorite clothing stores. Although I purchase apparel items on regular basis from H&M, I never considered buying anything from their beauty section, specially makeup. I did try their nail polishes in the past though, which I really liked. You can find  it Here . Few days ago, while making an online purchase, […]

Minimal Everyday Makeup

The term “Minimal Makeup” may have different understanding for everyone, specially for those, who like to wear makeup on everyday basis. Somebody’s list of ‘minimal makeup’ may involve just 5 makeup products, whereas somebody else’s minimal makeup list can be consists of at least 20 makeup items. I think, everyone has different makeup requirements according […]