Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection (Swatches)

Hello everyone!

Charlotte Tilbury is a well-known brand for their cosmetics. Lipsticks have always been my favorite makeup products to use as far as I remember. Hence, I love to try lipsticks from different makeup brands. Being a lipstick (or makeup) lover like that, I find it so informative to watch makeup tutorials or read blogposts, specially that contains lipstick swatches on various skin tones. This way you can see how a particular shade looks on any given skin tone and also can get an idea before trying it on yourself if you’ve a similar skin tone. This is the whole idea behind today’s blogpost.

In today’s post I am sharing the swatches of all the CT lipsticks that I own so that you can get an idea of how a particular shade looks like if you are somewhere near my skintone.

Without further ado, let’s begin the swatch party 🙂 enjoy!

Note: I am going to add the pictures of both the arm swatches and the lip swatches. Please scroll through to not miss anything.

From Top to Bottom: Lip pencil Hot Gossip, Lip pencil Pillow Talk, JK Magic,Amazing Amal, Viva La Vergara, Pillow Talk (original), Carina’s Star

Let’s start with the lipstick tubes first.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a very popular shade by the brand. I purchased this particular shade merely because of the popularity. You can see in the pictures below how it looks on me. The formulation of this lipstick is creamy and buildable and the finish has a soft matte effect.

Carina’s Star

This is my most favorite shade from the bunch. I really love the way it looks on my skin tone. As you can see in the picture below, it is a muted, medium coral shade with warm orange undertones and has a satin sheen. The texture of this lipstick is lightweight, smooth and velvety. The color payoff is medium to semi-opaque and it feels non-drying on the lips.

JK Magic

JK Magic is a very pretty nude beige shade. It has a cream finish and it feels extremely moisturizing on the lips after the application. The texture of this lipstick is very light and comfortable to wear.

Amazing Amal

Amazing Amal is a berry-pink lipstick shade that has a matte finish. It has a semi-opaque pigmentation. The texture is velvety and smooth which feels lightweight on the lips. As you can see in the picture below, this is how it looks on me.  

Viva La Vergara

Next is Viva La Vergara. Viva La Vergara is a gorgeous soft wine matte lipstick shade. The lipstick has a matte finish and is originally from their Matte Revolution collection. Viva La Vergara and Amazing Amal might look like twins, but Amazing Amal is a more brighter red while the Viva La Vergara has a warmer undertone.

Walk of No Shame

Walk of No Shame is a moderately warm-toned, berry shade with a hint of red undertones and almost has a velvety matte finish. It has fairly opaque coverage. Checkout the pictures below to get an idea how it looks on my skin.

Lip Liners

For the lip liners, I own two shades from the brand.

Pillow Talk

The Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk shade is a nude color with slightly more pink tone.

It is very pigmented. Only thing I dislike about this lip liner is the formula which is extremely drying. Because it is drying, I’d recommend to just use it for lining purpose rather than filling in the lips. I really really love this shade on me. It is very close to my original lip color. If I ever decide to go for that natural no makeup look, I’d go for this shade but I will always wear a clear lip gloss or lip balm over it to get that non-drying look because it is very dry on its own.

Hot Gossip

Hot Gossip is an extremely gorgeous medium brown shade with slightly pink undertone. It is a universally flattering shade, no matter your skin tone. The only biggest downside I found in this lip liner, again, is dryness and because of that, it looks patchy on the lips, as you can see in the picture below.

This is it for today. Lemme know your thoughts. Which is your favorite shade in the bunch and which one would you like to try?

Hope you’re having a great weekend. ❤

See y’all soon in the next post. 

Until then…

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