‘Valentine’ By REVLON: NOTW

Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly everyone’s thing but most of us like to celebrate this day with our loved ones. Whether you’re happily in a relationship, or you’re single, it is all about celebrating love, friendship and all the romantic/loving things or people in your life. ❤

Some of us like to dress up for the occasion and some of us like to even get a Vday inspired mani-pedi too.

I usually like painting my nails at home. For me personally, It is feasible as well as less time consuming. Just a personal preference. That is the reason I have a good collection of nail polishes too. I like to change my polish every other week or so.

Since it’s Valentine’s day, I thought why not wear red nails this time. I don’t wear red nails very frequently. I gravitate more towards other colors like neutrals, greens and blues etc.

The nail polish that I chose to wear today is from Revlon and the shade name is ‘Valentine’.

Valentine is a deep, vampy, blood red polish with the consistency of a jelly but the finish of a cream polish. The formula is quite good actually. It’s somewhere in between a ruby or blood red, depending on the lighting and number of coats. 

I got the desired opaqueness in three coats, although two coats weren’t bad either. I really liked this red on my skin. 🙂 I definitely recommend this shade if you’re looking for this kind of red nail polish.

What are your favorite red polishes at the moment that you want to recommend? Would love to hear 🙂

Wish y’all a very Happy Valentine’s day! ❤

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

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