5 Amazing Ideas To Spend Mother’s Day This Year

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s likely to be a little different this year in the days of quarantine and social distancing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this day.

Whether you’re celebrating your mother or you are mother yourself, it’s always fun to find ways to make this day special and memorable.

As a mother, I know how much effort many young children put together to create thoughtful crafts at the school, to take home specially for their moms  during the regular school days. Now, if your kids are older or teenagers, they can find the ways to celebrate this day with you but if your kids are younger or say under 10, you can’t really expect much from them even if their spirits are high for celebrating this day for YOU! 

Hence, in today’s post, I am sharing few ideas on how you can make this year’s mother’s day special both for you and your kids.

  1. Plan a Memorable Photo Session

Family pictures are every mom’s weakness! Right now you may not be able to have a professional mother’s day photoshoot done, but what you can do is to plan a fun photoshoot at home. Make it a whole event by putting on some music, getting dressed together, and even creating a fun backdrop. Photos are a great way to create and recall fond memories. You can try  a casual yet cute “Mother and babies in bed” photoshoot, where they can be playful with each other and capture those delicate moments full of love. Or you can try yet another (my favorite) “matching from head to toe” fun photoshoot with your gang which I am sure, will make some of the cutest and loveliest captures ever.

  1. Plan a Tea Party   

Next fun celebration idea is to plan a tea party for yourself and the kids. Not only are tea parties fun for both mommy & kids, but also its an easy event to plan. All you need to do is just to boil some tea, bake some treats, setup a table and and you have a party!

If you’re not in mood for doing much (which I totally understand 😉 ), you can stick with simple fillings like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese and turkey and mayonnaise, or a strawberry cream cheese spread can be a guaranteed winner. Simply trim off the crust or even better give these sandwiches a cute shape using a cookie cutter and you’ll see how these mini treats will become instantly favorites of your kids.

3. Plant Something Together

Children are always curious. This mother’s day you can involve them in gardening by simply purchasing a few clay pots. You can spend some quality time together to paint your pots and then plant some flowers or herbs into them. This way your children will be excited and enjoy caring for and watering the plants all spring and summer long.

Gardening with kids have many benefits. It is a great way to teach about the environmental awareness to kids. It also help teaching kids responsibility as plants require a lot of care.

Gardening also introduce kids to the scientific concepts. Like you can tell them what makes the leaves green? What do plants need to thrive? How much water does the plant need? etc.

Last but not least, Gardening helps teaching kids patience. Growing from seed to producing plant can take weeks! There’s no better teacher of patience than gardening.

4. Prepare Whole Day’s Meal In Advance

Brunch on Mother’s Day was and is a fantastic tradition. But since we can’t go out anywhere for brunch, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. By planning ahead, we can still manage to do it at home. So rather than waking up at an obscene hour to cook something nice for mother’s day, you can plan to cook food for the whole next day in advance and can enjoy it on mother’s day. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the morning and whole day without being stuck in kitchen the entire day.

5.  Record a Video Of Entire Day

Now this is something which I consider quite easy and fuss free. When you’re not in mood of doing anything on Mother’s day, except either staying in PJs or in bed, you can just record various mini video snippets on your phone and then can edit it later to create a wonderful Mother’s Day video by adding some music to it. By taking the advantage of  digital format like this, you can easily make memories for lifetime. And you’ll be glad and so proud to have something so cute and adorable to cherish forever.

Last but not least, I’d like to add that don’t forget to take the time to compliment yourself this Mother’s Day and recognize the truly wonderful and loving gift that you are to your kids. ❤

I hope you liked these ideas 🙂 . Don’t forget to share if you’re going to try something from this list or if you’ve some other unique ideas of your own to celebrate this special day. 

I wish all the Mother figures out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! ❤ ❤

See you soon in the next post. Until then…

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