5 Things Keeping Me Sane Right Now

While the whole world is coping with difficult circumstances (because of the ongoing pandemic), it’s normal to feel anxious.  Some days it feels tough to find even a reason to smile. We all may be busy with homeschooling, work or family, but at some point or another we all find ourselves feeling inescapably bored, distressed and  trapped inside our homes. For most of us, being in quarantine is a totally new experience. We’ve never known a life of strictly working from home, only going out for groceries, and not being able to visit friends or family. Living life like this is taking a toll on our mental health.

However, fortunately there are still quite a few things we can all do to keep ourselves sane as well as happy under these odd circumstances. Today I’m sharing 5 such things/activities that are helping me to keep going and help me staying strong during this uncertain period.

  1. Meditation

I am sure, many of you’ll agree on this with me that Meditation provides a firm connection with divine while practicing quietness and stillness. It is something that changes the way you experience every moment of your life.

This is a habit I have been cultivating for the past 1 year now. I started meditating 3-4 times a week initially but these days, I try to meditate almost every day. I’ve noticed that I feel less stressed and feel more in tune with my mind and body.

2. Exercising: 

Second most important thing on my list these days is exercising (indoors). Not that I wasn’t into exercising earlier, but staying active now under these circumstances, is much more important than ever. Exercising not only lifts the mood, but also helps in boosting the immunity. It also helps in managing stress which can help in a better sleep, both of which can be difficult when schedules are disrupted. 

Staying physically healthy during times of stress is just as crucial as managing your emotional and mental health. So these days I try to do a combination of different exercises. I don’t force myself to exercise on any particular time. I just give myself freedom to do it whenever I get time or I feel like. The only thing I make sure is to exercise at least 5 days a week to reap the maximum benefit.

3. Journaling:

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we already have into ‘enough’ and much more. It is one of the strongest and most transformative states of being because it shifts your perspective from ‘Lack to Abundance’ and allows you to focus on the ‘good’ in your life.

Journalling is something that I’ve started doing in the beginning of 2020. This is definitely not something that I force myself to do every day. But whenever there’s a pressing issue that I can’t seem to get out of my head, I keep writing until I have nothing left to say about it. Journaling has definitely changed my perspective towards life.

To practice gratitude, all you have to do is to write down 3 things that you are grateful for every single day especially on bad days when you feel stressed, upset, disappointed, and angry. As we practice gratitude, we become increasingly aware that there’s always something to be thankful for, even in the bleakest situation.

4. Planting

Taking care of plants (indoors or outdoors) takes a whole lot of attention because it requires detail, effort, and patience. Every time a new leaf unfurls, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings you get.

I have accumulated few houseplants over the past few weeks. I dedicate roughly 10-20 minutes every day in plant care. As surprising as it sounds, I truly believe that they have helped me to stay positive and feel less anxious.

If you struggle to stay positive or your thoughts frequently spiral after a long day, I highly suggest investing in a plant or two. I promise you won’t regret it.

5. Baking

I never thought I’d admit this but I am enjoying baking like I have never enjoyed it before. 😀  

You may be wondering how in the world can Baking help in keeping anyone sane?!

Believe it or not it has been proved that baking can bring many psychological benefits to a person, one of which is stress relief. Research says that baking is actually very good for focusing the mind because it often relies on very exact measurements. For example, you will have to add all the ingredients in the correct order and measurements or your cookies will be soggy. Just like that when you have complete focus on a recipe and you don’t allow yourself to be distracted by your thoughts, it can have a therapeutic affect on your mental and emotional health. And I’m sure, like me, many of you are already indulged in baking by now 😉

At last, I just want to add that I know the times are harder right now, but so are we! If you haven’t already then find and start doing things that can make you happy and less anxious. Remember to take a leap of faith and stay hopeful that this shall pass too 🙂  Stay home Stay safe ❤

See you soon in the next post! Until then…

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