4 Autumn Trends That I am Loving Right Now

Hello everyone!

With the arrival of every new season, we all like to transition our wardrobe to make it ready for that particular season. Now that its finally Fall, where the weather is getting cooler day by day and the leaves are changing color, we want a wardrobe that reflects all of our favorite things about the season. 

Having said that, just like every season, this time too, there is an overload of fashion trends where you, as a customer, are being presented with many many new trends but all these trends are essentially not everyone’s cup of tea.

Just like that, there are some trends that I’d love to see in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year. These are not just the trends that I am loving right now, but are some of the most popular ones currently! Care to know what I am talking about? Please keep reading 🙂

1.Animal Print

I have to say that Animal Print is a timeless fashion staple, hence secures a place every Autumn/Winter year after year. The fun part is that, animal prints is not going to limit just to leopard print only, instead there’s a huge variety this season. I think the animal print staples are daring, elegant and instant style-makers. To amp up your wardrobe using animal print, you can either try a duster-length leopard print cardigan with a black blouse, a slip on a silky snake print skirt or a zebra print scarf can go a long way in adding some depth to your fall ensemble. Get some inspo from the pictures below:

2. Colors To Look For

This year, the color trends are a mix of both bright and classic fall tones. In addition to timeless favorites like burgundy and navy—jewel toned colors like magenta and emerald are making an appearance this season. You’ll see the Brown with a twist too. There are some other colors too which are currently in trend, but these four caught my eye. Let’s have a look:

(i) Shades Of Brown

This Fall season, you will not get just regular shade of brown but a variety, mostly, camel and caramel shades of brown. The color which is very near to this description is named ‘Sugar Almond’ by Pantone. Checkout below:

(ii) Deep Reds

Burgundy is a color that we love to wear almost every year during Fall months, hence it always stays in trend. This year the color named as ‘Biking Red’, a color which is not essentially burgundy but almost similar, looks like the color of a fine wine! Check this out:

(iii) Emerald

This rich jeweled tone color is the show stopper of this season. Pantone named this color ‘Eden’ which looks deep forest green. As beautiful as this color looks, it gives you (the wearer), an opportunity to experiment with another deep tone color instead of just wearing the usual navy and burgundy each fall season.

(iv) Magenta

Another color, which I am seeing in stores this season and absolutely in love with is: Magenta! Personally, I think this is one of the most beautiful shades of pink and it goes so well with this season by just adding that pop of color to your fall ensemble. I found some pieces to share with you for instant inspiration. Check’em out below:

3. Accessories : Gold, Crystal & Pearls

Next thing which I’d like to talk about is the accessories. Accessories are something that help you to stay on-trend without breaking your bank.

Wether its a piece of jewelry, a trending handbag or just a simple hair accessory, best part about accessories is that it’s less commitment than creating an entirely on-trend outfit even when you don’t have the funds to buy an entirely new wardrobe each season. This Fall, I am seeing the jewelry, bags and hair accessories mostly in gold, crystal and pearls. Checkout the pictures below for some inspiration:

4. Modren Plaid:

Plaid is perhaps one of the most versatile patterns. This year, at Paris Fashion Week, designers presented different variants of the print. 

Hence, the plaid options are surprisingly good. I have few pictures to share with you as an inspo, check them out below:

What are some of the Fall fashion trends that you are loving currently? Do not forget to share! 🙂 

Have a wonderful week!

See you soon in the next post. Until then…

4 thoughts on “4 Autumn Trends That I am Loving Right Now

  1. I love fall colors and fall clothes are my favorite! I want everything on this page! I’m less trendy than I used to be because now I’m pretty retro in my dress, but I still love all kinds of fashion. I love plaids and jewel tones… the classic cardigan and of course booties– I can never have enough boots. I love those burgundy pants with the tie belt! Practical but really chic. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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