MAC Lipstick Collection (Lip Swatches)

After picking up my first MAC lipstick 6 years ago, I quickly became obsessed with this brand. I think, most of you (lippie lovers) will agree with me that Mac lipsticks are cult favorite!

Today, in this post, I am sharing the lip swatches of all the lipstick and lipliners by Mac Cosmetics that I have collected over the past couple of years.


If you’re into Mac lipsticks too and have been keeping an eye on some particular shades (maybe in this collection), then it is a good opportunity for you to go through this post as it may help some of you with same skin tone as me to decide which shade you should or should not pick for yourself! I have not only shared the swatches in this post here, but I will be sharing a mini swatch video on my Instagram handle too (you can find it towards the end of this post). Also, I have NOT done any editing and left the swatch photos untouched for an actual shade idea.

Let’s start with the bullet lipsticks first. But before that, I am adding a picture of me NOT wearing any lipstick, just to give an idea of what my natural lip color is, so that the nude lipstick colors can be clearly differentiate.

Nudes & Browns:

A Girl’s Got Needs 

A Girl’s Got Needs Lipstick is a muted, medium brown shade with warm, yellow undertones and a matte finish.

Easy Babe 

Easy Babe Lipstick is a medium brown with subtle, warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. 


Age/Sex/Location Lipstick is a muted, medium rosy brown with neutral-to-warm undertones and it has mostly matte finish.

Among the Fireflies 

Among the Fireflies Lipstick is a muted, plummy brown with a soft sheen. 


Taupe is described as a ‘muted reddish-taupe brown’. It has reddish undertones, which brings out peachy on my warm skin tone.

Double Shot

Double Shot is described as ‘muted reddish-taupe brown’. It has an amplified finish. The color coverage is opaque while the texture is smooth and creamy.

Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is described as ‘deep-tone beige’ and it’s a medium, rosy brown with warm undertones and a semi-matte finish.

Mull It Over 

Mull It Over Powder Kiss Lipstick is described as a ‘dirty peach’ which looks like a muted, medium rosy coral with warm undertones and it has a semi-matte finish.


MAC describes Chili as ‘Brownish-Orange-Red’ with Matte finish. This shade is a perfect blend of brown and orange.

Pinks & Plums:


This shade is described as a ‘cloudy pink’ lip color. It is a cool-toned cloudy pink that looks almost like Mauve. Syrup has a lustre finish.


Twig Lipstick is described as ‘soft muted brownish-pink’ which is a medium pink with warm undertones and a satin finish.


Mac describes this shade as a ‘pinkish plum’ shade. The texture of this satin lipstick is creamy and at the same time matte, that is semi-matte kinda finish.

Breathing Fire 

Breathing Fire Lipstick is described as ‘bright warm fuchsia’  with a matte finish. Beautiful bright pink with warm undertone.

Flat Out Fabulous 

Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick is described as a ‘bright plum’ matte with a Retro Matte finish. For me, this is more like dark magenta shade which again compliments almost every skin tone. 


All Fired Up 

All Fired Up Lipstick is described as a ‘bright fuchsia’ matte. It has Retro Matte finish. In my personal opinion, this is a red color lipstick with hues of bright pink in it. 

Ruby Woo 

Ruby Woo Lipstick is described as very matte ‘vivid blue red’. It has a retro matte finish. This a very beautiful red shade, compliments almost every skin tone. The only downside of this lipstick is that it is more on drier side. 

Lip Pencils:


Spice is a medium rusty brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It gives an opaque pigmentation in a single stroke.

Fruit Cocktail 

The shade is described by MAC as a ‘bright coral’. It is a slightly orange leaning mostly towards coral. The shade looks fairly bright coral on me.

Edge to Edge 

MAC describes Edge to Edge as a ‘dirty blue-pink’. It looks beautiful blush kinda pink on my skin tone.

Candy Yum Yum

This shade is described as ‘bright pink’ and comes with a matte finish. It’s more of a neon, blue-based pink.


Magenta is described as ‘Vivid Pinkish Purple’. Its a cool toned blue based bright fuchsia purple pink shade with soft blue purple duo chrome sheen to it.


Mac describes Cherry as ‘A Bright Vivid Blue Red’. Its an opaque matte lipliner with barely blue-toned red.


Burgundy Lip liner is described as ‘Brownish Burgundy’ shade. Its a warm toned deep burgundy wine shade which, in my opinion, is flattering on every skin tone!

So, this was the entire collection of lip products by Mac that I own. What are some of your favorites? Do let me know 🙂

Have a lovely (rest of the) week! ❤

See you soon in the next post. Until then…

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