5 Tips To Accessorize Basic Outfits For Summer

Hello everyone!

Basics can be the essential clothing pieces in anyone’s wardrobe. If I talk about my own very ‘momiform’ then (without a doubt) it’s a pair of comfy jeans with a basic tee (most of the days). So for me, the Basics are very important part of my wardrobe. But the thing with Basics is that if you don’t experiment with your outfits then it can be quiet boring to wear same kind of plain outfits on daily basis.

Hence, in today’s post I am sharing some tips and tricks that can help making a very basic outfit, NOT so basic.

  1. Jewelry 

Jewelry is something which I enjoy wearing on everyday basis. My personal favorite is golden (in-trend) jewelry pieces which never fail to add that extra detail to my outfit.

As I mentioned that my everyday outfits are really simple, I pair these jewelry pieces to give a new dimension to my basic look.

2. Handbag

Many of us underestimate the power of a good bag when it comes to styling outfits. A good bag is a game changer. Bags can accentuate the basic look to whole another level.

3. Shoes

In my opinion, shoes and bags go hand in hand as both are tend to co-ordinate together. You can either choose a bright colored or printed pair of shoe as a key item for your outfit. You will notice that a perfect pair of shoe can immediately lift the whole look.

4. Belts

Belts are another item or accessory that adds something extra to your outfit. Specially, if you are someone who enjoy monochrome looks that means pairing same color of top and bottom; like white jeans with white t-shirt or black tee with black jeans. In that case, try adding a black belt to the white outfit and a tan belt to the black outfit and see the difference yourself.

5. Nails

Last but not least, it’s the Nails. Yes nails! I know it sounds cliché but trust me with this: well trimmed and well polished nails do make a huge difference to your overall look. And if you already have a good collection of nail paints, then its always a good idea to jazz up your outfit just by painting your nails. 

That’s it for now! I hope you’ll find these tips and tricks useful If you’re like me, a lover of Basics!

Happy Summer 🙂 

See y’all in the next post! Until then…

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