5 Effortless Ways to Style a Spring Scarf 

Spring is said to be the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom and the earth seems to come to life again.

If we talk about fashion, then we all know that with every changing season, we see new fashion trends in the market. Some of them excites us and many of them are not wearable at all! 


Fashion trends come and go but there’s one thing which you can never go wrong with, and that is Accessories! Yes, accessories have the ability to turn our boring outfits into more stylish attire.

Whether its a pair of statement shoes, a stylish bag, a piece of trendy jewelry, a pair of chic sunglasses, or just a silk scarf, all these items have the tendency to make your outfits look better in one or the other way. Just think about scarves alone, it is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your OOTDs, specially in the spring season. Having said that, even though a scarf can be easily incorporated in your outfit, however, it can be a bit tricky for a lot of people from styling point of view.

Hence, in todays’ blogpost, I am sharing few tricks on how to wear this must-have fashion accessory of 2019, like a fashion Pro!


1. Around Your Neck

I absolutely love this classic style of wrapping the scarf around neck. It’s an easy way to add some personality to your outfit. It is so French, so chic and so on trend for spring!


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2. Around the Handbag

Add a little color and pattern to your outfit by tying your scarf to the handle of your purse or tote bag. You can either tie it as a bow around the handle of your bag or you can experiment a little more by wrapping the scarf on your bag’s handle to give it an exceptional look.


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3. As a Hair Accessory

There are many ways you can add a scarf in your hairs as an accessory to look stylish. Checkout below:


Head Wrap: Take and fold the scarf into a 3 inch strip and then fasten at the base of your neck. As simple as that!


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Top Knot: Tie your scarf up like shown in the pictures. Pair with a cute romper or a dress and you’re all set for the day. So effortless, isn’t it?!


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In Braid: If you’re a fan of hair braids, then this could be your one of the most fashionable hair hacks to add that little extra oomph to simple hair braids. 


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On Hair Pony: Update your ponytail by topping it off with a colorful scarf instead of plain boring hair ties.


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4. On Your Wrist

Next trick is to use it as an arm candy on your wrist. If you’re worried that the scarf is too long, loop it a few times around your wrist then knot tightly to create a bow that hangs off to the side.


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5. As a Belt

This Spring, dare to go bold by wrapping the scarf around your waist instead of using a belt. It will add a totally new dimension to your outfit, I bet! 😉


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So these were some ‘oh-so-chic’ ways to style the scarf this season. What according to you are the other fun ways that you’ll style your scarves this spring and summer?

Hope you’re having a great Start of Spring (free from allergies 😉 ). Thank you so much for reading! Don’t leave without saying ‘Hi’ 🙂

See you soon in the next post. Until then…



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