OFRA COSMETICS Long Lasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set: Everyday Nudes

ofra everyday liquid lipstick swatches on indian skin tone


ofra mini liquid lipstick set ulta


ofra everyday nudes liquid lipstick set swatches


Ofra Cosmetics Everyday Nudes set is a mini liquid lipstick set which I think is the perfect size if you want to try out the liquid lipstick range from this brand. This set contains 4 mini liquid lipstick shades , all nudes and the price of this lip set is 20$(USD).


ofra everyday nude set


This set contains four liquid lipsticks in mini size. These are:

  1. Sanibel
  2. Verona
  3. Bel Air
  4. Unzipped


ofra everyday nudes set swatches



ofra lipstick swatches on indian skin


ofra liquid lipstick swatches on indian skin


Sanibel (rose nude): Sanibel is described as a rose nude color. Its a perfect nude for light to medium skin tones. 

Verona (mocha nude brown matte): Verona is described as “mocha nude brown” shade. This is a beautiful true brown shade for medium/olive skin tone with a warm undertone. 

Bel Air (light nude matte): This shade is another beautiful nude with a peach undertone. Even though the peachy undertone makes it a very wearable shade, yet I find this shade slightly lighter for my taste, so I like to combine it with a brown lip pencil and it works perfectly for me.

Unzipped (nude berry): This shade is my favorite shade in the whole set. As the name suggests, its a very beautiful berry (nude) shade that is not only quite wearable but I’m sure, it will look great on every skin tone! 


ofra liquid lipstick swatches on indian skin tone



These liquid lipsticks have almost mousse like consistency which makes them very easy to apply. The texture is creamy but they dry as matte/semi matte after the application.  The formula is really good, it feels light on the lips and doesn’t feel tacky or patchy at all. These liquid lipsticks have light vanilla scent in them which doesn’t last long after the appplication. The staying power of these lipsticks is somewhere 5-6 hours on my lips , except Bel air and Sanibel, those ones I had to re-touch after 3-4 hours. Pigmentation wise all shades are very good, except Bel Air, for this particular shade I had to go in with at least 2 layers to get a good color payoff. To remove the lipsticks, I just use makeup remover to wipe them off. The colors come off easily on removing, they don’t leave any stain on the lips. These liquid lipsticks do transfer a bit.

So all in all, I’m happy with this nude liquid lipstick set as in they stay on for a good average amount of time, the shades are really beautiful, they don’t have weird scent and they are neither tacky nor patchy even after layering for 2-3 times! This set is my current go to lip set. Since, the tube size is mini,  all you get is 0.04 oz of product in each tube. But the good news is that you don’t have to waste your money on big sized tube if you didn’t like any of the shades in this set. 

Have you tried this set or any other shades from this range yet? I would love to know your thoughts on this brand!

Have a great week 🙂  ❤

See you soon in the next post. Until then…



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