Tips To Get Perfect Valentine’s Day Pout

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You may already have selected your outfit by now but have you given any thought to prep your pout yet? 

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for expressing your love to your loved ones by making them feel special and most importantly a chance to rock your favorite colored lipstick that you’ve been saving for this special occasion.




The thing is that the Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of winter, and all that time spent in the cold air and indoor heating can lead not only to dry and dull skin but chapped lips too. In such case, how would you be able to get those irresistibly sexy lips in such short time? The good news is that it’s absolutely possible for you to get a beautiful-looking pout in very less time for this special occasion. You just have to follow these 2 lip hacks that I am sharing in today’s blogpost, thank me later 😉 .



The best way to ensure your pout looks its best on Valentine’s Day is to make sure that the dry, flaky lips aren’t a distraction to your overall makeup look. And to deal with that, start entire process by using a lip scrub. You can either use a home-made sugar lip scrub or use any good quality lip scrub that you already have in your vanity. It will help creating the appearance of smoother lips. I use this one from ‘Tarte’ these days.





Soon after scrubbing, pat dry your lips and apply any lip balm of your liking. It can be any chapstick or just vaseline and massage your lips for 4-5 minutes.



Don’t forget to wipe off extra balm from your lips before putting on any lip makeup!




To achieve this, first draw an ‘X’ on the cupid’s bow of your top lip using a lip liner. Then line the curve of your bottom lip, making sure you’re lining just slightly outside of your lip’s natural shape.  Fill in the inner side-borders of both your top and bottom lips. Give your lips a contour. At last, fill in your lips with any glossy lipstick of your choice. 

Here are the steps:



Voila!! There you are… ready to rock your valentine’s day look for your significant other 😉 .




I hope you are having a great week and wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s day!

Don’t forget to love yourself 🙂 ❤

See you soon in the next post. Until then…



13 thoughts on “Tips To Get Perfect Valentine’s Day Pout

  1. What an awesome post! If you’re trying to lock in even more moisture to heal your chapped lips- you can try dabbing some water on them before applying balm. It helps a lot, but obvi not the way to go if you’re planning a lip look lol

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