5 Tips To Stay Cozy In Freezing Cold

If you are someone who has just moved in or planning to visit a place like Boston, I promise this post is going to be so helpful for you!




There’s cold, and then, there’s Boston cold, where the windchill will make the cold 10 times worse than it actually is! 

I have mentioned few tips and tricks in today’s post, that will not only serve the purpose of helping you stay warm in this bone-chilling cold weather but will also help you to not look like a fluff ball 😀 .


Don’t Skip Thermal Wear


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I know I know, that you guys already know so much about layering and all, but when it’s really really cold outside, sometimes even the items that you always rely on, won’t be sufficient to survive the cold. In such case you’ve to take things to next level by being a layering pro! Start with the base layer and use a good quality Thermal wear set. Make sure the thermal wear is neither too tight nor too loose on your body so that you can stay comfortably warm all day long.


Make Turtleneck Your Best Friend


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On a very cold day, when you have no choice and you’ve to go outdoors, then instead of picking up a thick chunky sweater, try adding a well-fitted, soft woolen turtleneck to your outfit. A turtleneck will keep your neck warm and you can wear it under (almost) everything in your closet, from a slip dress to button-down to a cardigan. One another added benefit of turtlenecks is that you don’t have to depend on the scarves all the time!


Cover The Key Parts Of Your Body


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When you go outdoors, always make sure to cover the key parts of your body – meaning keep your head, hands and feet covered. Do not compromise on that at all because our bodies loose most of the heat from head and/or feet, so whenever required, cover them with appropriate winter accessories.


Buy Good Quality Coats & Boots


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I can’t stress enough on this point! Don’t buy cheap quality coats and boots. As Norwegians say: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

Splurge on your winter coats and boots like on any investment pieces. Avoid getting these two things from your regular one stop shop (where you casually shop).

Let’s be real and accept that wool coats alone can not stand the extreme cold weather, specially the chilly wind. Same goes for the shoes. So its necessary to buy a good quality winter coat and boots which can do the job. 


 Try Shoe Inserts


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Last but not least, if you haven’t try the shoe inserts yet, now is time to give them a go. Shoe inserts can be really helpful winter accessory to add a layer between your feet and the icy-cold ground. You can either use a foam or a fleece pair of shoe inserts inside your shoe. If not, then try out these toe warmers and feel the difference yourself!





I hope you’re enjoying the weather in whichever part of world you are… I am certainly not 😉 😀

See you soon in the next post. Until then…




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