Quick Life Update & Current Beauty Trend: YOGA SKIN

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been posting to the blog much recently! Mainly because I was  busy focussing on the other areas of my life, which required complete attention for some certain amount of time. As you may know, blogging itself demands a good amount of time, hard work and energy just like any other full time job, hence I couldn’t find myself balancing between blogging and the other things happening in my life. I’ve always tried my best (until now) to either post only relevant and useful content on my blog or not to post anything at all! So I decided to put my blog on hold (which was really hard for me) for sometime. Now that I am done with it, here I am, back to blogging. And I can’t tell you guys that how much have I missed blogging.




On that node, lemme take a moment to ask you guys that have you heard about “Yoga Skin”? If no, then this post is for you! And trust me it has nothing to do with Yoga at all 😉 .

Yoga skin is a new beauty trend that is taking over the Instagram these days. Its basically a beauty trend where the goal is to make your skin look more healthy, glowy, hydrated and radiant as ever!

The whole process, according to Beauty Guru: Sara Hill, starts with the cleansing and prepping of your skin. Wait for your skin-care products to fully absorb before moving on to primer. After applying a silicone-free primer, combine three to four pumps of your favorite sheer- to medium-coverage liquid foundation (not full-coverage) with one drop of a facial oil and one drop of a gold-tone liquid highlighter.

She suggested to focus more on the ‘way’ of application and insisted on using your hands rather than makeup brushes or sponges, and she suggested to massage the mixture into your skin to de-puff and to boost the circulation. She further added to finish the look with a concealer (only if needed) without overdoing it, as this look is all about showing the ‘real skin’ as much of it as we can!

You can find the whole process Here.

Lemme know what you guys think about this beauty trend and are you currently using it? Don’t forget to share what you know 🙂

See y’all soon in the next post! Until then…

7 thoughts on “Quick Life Update & Current Beauty Trend: YOGA SKIN

    • No I haven’t yet but I am hopeful to try it very soon 😉 Actually I’m more curios to know if it will work on skin of my age of women or not 😀 Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Thank you so much for stopping by ❤


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