H&M Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

HM lipstick on indian skin


H&M is one of my favorite clothing stores. Although I purchase apparel items on regular basis from H&M, I never considered buying anything from their beauty section, specially makeup. I did try their nail polishes in the past though, which I really liked. You can find  it Here .

Few days ago, while making an online purchase, I saw these new lip products under the new arrival makeup section. The colors looked so beautiful online that I decided to try them.


H&M Lipstick swatches on indian skin


H&M india beauty haul


Matte Lip Cream


H&M matte lip cream Sarah swatch

Matte Lip Cream ‘Sarah’


Matte Lip Cream ‘Sarah’ is a very beautiful ‘Mauve’ color with a pink undertone. This product is super pigmented. It has a streak free semi-matte kind of finish. The texture is not completely matte as claimed by the maker. But the good thing is that, it doesn’t make the lips dry (or flaky) and even the formula doesn’t feel patchy or sticky on the lips. You get 3.5ml of product for 3.49 USD.


H&M matte lip cream in Sarah


It has a strong vanilla scent which disappears after 8 or 10 minutes of the application. This product transfers on cups or glasses very easily while drinking something. After eating a meal, I noticed that the product faded evenly and I felt the need to re-apply it. It didn’t vanish completely though!

In my opinion, this is not a bad lip product at all considering the price range, if you’re not expecting perfect matte finish. The quality of this lip product is not best, but its neither crap. Plus, this particular shade is so beautiful, that it will look great on any skin tone.


H&M makeup haul 2018

Top: Matte Lip Cream, Bottom: Holographic Lipstick




Holographic Lipstick

Whenever we hear the term “Holographic” related to makeup, it always sounds extra appealing, right? I have seen many holographic lip products in the market recently, but always wondered what would I do with them?! 😀 Many of them are quite expensive too. But when I saw the holographic lipstick by H&M under this price tag (5.99$), I decided to try it, just to satisfy my curiosity.


H&M holographic lipstick review


This lipstick comes in a plastic bullet tube. The shade name is “Pink Holo” and you’ll get 3.4g of product in the tube for the price of 5.99 US Dollar.

It is basically a sheer lipstick with a shimmery holographic finish, which looks light pink in color. The product itself looks quite intimidating but I didn’t like it as a lipstick when I first wore it on my lips. Why you ask? Because it has a very strong scent which smells like a soap and it never goes away! This was a big bummer for me. Then (out of nowhere), I tried this lipstick as a highlighter on my cheekbones just for fun, and boy oh boy! It looked so beautiful, just as a natural glow on my cheeks!! I was totally surprised!

So, am I suggesting to buy this holographic lipstick and use it as a cream highlighter? Ummm… why not? If that’s what makes you happy! It made me happy though. And, the scent would not bother your cheekbones, I promise 😀 😉


H&M holographic lipstick swatch


Texture wise this lipstick is very creamy. The formula of this lipstick is wonderfully emollient and highly pigmented, as you can see in the pictures. I found a very balm like feeling on my lips and slightly slippery to the touch.

As suggested, this lipstick can be worn alone or over another color. But personally, I am not sure about wearing it alone on my lips, so, I tried it as a lip topper. And I liked the finish of this holographic lipstick over the Lip cream ‘Sarah’ because of that added element of iridescence.


HM beauty haul 2018



HM lipsticks 2018


Finally, I do have to say that H&M Beauty products aren’t the best out there in this price range. But then, let’s be honest, what can you expect from a fashion brand, right? All in all, its not a bad deal, if you just want to have little fun with makeup 😉

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! ❤
See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

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