10 Most Wearable SS’18 Fashion Trends

Spring is just around the corner and I bet, most of you, my friends out there, have already started picking the stuff to add in your wardrobe to make it spring ready 😉 .

We all know the importance of basic classic staples, that builds the foundation of our wardrobe, however, its always nice and fun to inject some new trendy pieces into our existing wardrobe to mix and match with all those basic classic pieces, just to add a little bit of freshness and newness every season!

The interesting thing about trends is that they come and go, and I believe that you don’t have to follow all of them if you’re not comfortable adapting them. And, if you’re someone who just loves experimenting with your appearance on regular basis, then go for it.

That being said, today’s post is all about 2018 trends, and I am going to share my 10 most favorite wearable trends, which are going to make a statement this spring/summer. Most of these trends are making a comeback from 80s and 90s.

Lets begin!


Fanny Packs

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This ’90s staple is having the ultimate revival this season. From the Spring 2018 runways to the street style scene, they’re everywhere.

There are some certain ways that you can style a fanny pack, for example, you can wear it on your waist or you can totally style it by strapping around one shoulder like a cross body bag.


Polka Dots

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Polka dots, is another trend on rise, which I think, is very easy to incorporate in your everyday wear. Some tips that you can style polka dots is by adding a polka dot button down dress or a flowy polka dot blouse with jeans or maybe a polka dot bottom paired up with a silk blouse!



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Pastels are going to be huge trend this spring/summer. You can either mix and match pastels in your existing wardrobe or you can wear them all alone to make a statement! You’ll see pastels not only in clothing, but in all sorts of accessories and footwear too.


Rainbow colors

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Along with the pastels, you’ll see the bright rainbow colors everywhere, as well! This is going to be fun to see, how different people are going to style this trend. I’m already so excited 😀


Skinny Glasses

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The skinny sunnies are going to be this season’s most coveted shades. Call it a pair of skinny narrow cat eye or a pair of small size oval sunnies, looks like everyone needs to own at least one pair of these tiny little sunglasses this season.


Straw Bags

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We have seen the basket bag trend last summer and it took over the Instagram completely last year! I totally loved it. Luckily, the trend is still kicking this year. And the good thing is that this year, you are going to see so many variations of these bags.



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Purple is announced as the color of the year by Pantone. To be more specific, “lavender” or “lilac” is going to take over 2018! This season, you’ll see this color on almost everything; from sequined dresses to oversized knits to sharp suit sets.



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It looks as if heritage checks are going nowhere for the season ahead. This spring/summer you’re going to see lots of check in almost every kind of silhouette. Isn’t that great?!


Circle Bags

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Round or Circle bags are on the most-wanted list this season. You’ll see a variety of circle bags this year, starting from woven wicker cross body bags to embellished leather shoulder bags. I am already loving this bag trend, how about you?



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Shorts?! You may ask, what’s new in shorts for spring/summer? That’s pretty much I asked myself when I first heard that the Shorts were the surprise trend of Paris Fashion Week!

Well, the shorts are going to be in trend because you’ll see many variations of shorts this spring/summer that basically fall into three categories: casual, dressy and the attention seeking knee length cycling shorts in both casual and dressy style.


So, these were few trends that I’m personally loving right now and definitely going to incorporate in my existing wardrobe for spring/summer. There are few other trends in SS18 list which I didn’t include in today’s post, as clearly, I am not quite impressed by those ones! What about you? Don’t forget to share your favorites 🙂 . Hope y’all are having a superb week!

Thank you so much for reading. See you soon in the next post! ❤

Until then…


14 thoughts on “10 Most Wearable SS’18 Fashion Trends

  1. Hi there! I’ve seen a lot of the trends you identified translate to the bag styles of the season. I’ve grouped the bag trends by budget. Like your point wardrobe staples are needed so you don’t have to break the bank following every trend. One of my most popular posts is the bag trends below £100. Would love you to check it out and let me know what you think. Thx BW https://bagwhispers.com/2018/02/25/the-best-bags-for-spring-2018-and-under-100/

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