Monthly Favorites

Happy Friday 🙂

I am back with another Monthly Favorites post.

All the things I’m mentioning in this post are entirely beauty related that I’ve tried and used this month and can not wait to share with all of you 🙂

Let’s begin!



Clinique ‘City Block’ Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub

The first thing I am talking about is the Charcoal clay mask from Clinique. As the name tells, it is a clay mask which works as a scrub too.

I liked it enough to add into my favorites list because, in terms of effectiveness it does leave your skin smooth and manage to get off excess dead skin and dirt from the pores.

Although I didn’t see any side effects of using this mask in winters (as my skin gets drier in winters), I do feel this mask would be perfect for summers (just because it manages to take away all that excessive oil from the pores). But since I wear makeup frequently, I think its a good option to use this mask once a week to cleans the skin/pores completely.


Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

The next thing I tried (first time) this month is the charcoal cleansing strips for blackhead removal. Until now I was using the regular (white ones) pore cleansing strips from biore, which weren’t as effective as these ones are!


Just from looking at the pore strip, I can tell that it did a great job at getting all of the junk and blackheads from the outer skin of my nose.

Sephora Collection Almond Foot Mask


I absolutely loved this foot mask guys and you know why 😉 So it had to be a part of my monthly favorites list!

And if you are someone new to my blog and wondering what I’m talking about, please feel free to click this link:

MAC Mini Lipgloss

This one right here, ‘Rags to Riches Dazzleglass’ is a lipgloss from the MAC Mini Lip Gloss set from their ‘Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection’. There are four of them in the set but this one quite right there, made a special place in my heart 😀


Why you ask? Because this one looks super shiny and sparkly and glossy at the same time. But… (Yes there is a ‘BUT’).. to be honest, the formula is not very great. The texture is rather tacky, but the color and the sparkle is too irresistible to avoid wearing it (guilty).

On the other hand, the other three shades from the set are not bad at all texture wise but they don’t seem any different to me from the color point of view. They are more likely redundant shades for me.

Eyeko London Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

Currently I am settled on this eyeliner. This might be the first eyeliner in my life which helped me creating that (almost) perfect wing that I always wished to have 😀


If you haven’t read the review on this one, please click on the following link:

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation

I’ll not say that this is the best foundation available in the market out there, but this definitely is one of the best options in this price range, specially if you are thinking to use it in this season.


This foundation is really easy to apply. What I liked most about this foundation is that it has the perfect level of hydration which gives that flawless look immediate after the application.

If you have dry skin and don’t like to wear full coverage foundations then this is the right pick for you. The coverage is light to medium. Other than that the foundation cover up my pores and blends really well into my skin.

The foundation does what it claims: giving hydration, smoothness, and a natural, flawless, luminous finish.


Wearing Maybelline Dewy Foundation & Eyeko Eyeliner Here.


That’s all with my monthly favorites post today. Let me know what you think about all or any of the products if you’ve used already!

Happy Weekend y’all 🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try the Clinique mask for a while as I’ve been hearing good things about it & I love your makeup look!


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