Trends That Every It-Girl Is Wearing Right Now

Fashion trends are like seasons; they come and go. No matter how awful some fashion trends were in the past, few of them always manage to come back with a tweak.

It is also true that most women love to stay updated with the latest trends and like to wear what is currently in style.

Just like that, after the ‘laceups’, ‘cold shoulders’ and ‘open shoulders’, there are few trends on the trend list currently, that every It-girl is wearing right now! Honestly, no one seems to get away with these trendy pieces.


Current Trends List:


Pleated Midi Skirts

These skirts, often featuring pleats, create just enough flash while maintaining the right level of modesty. You can pair it with a chunky knit and ankle boots during this transitional weather.



Bell (baby) Sleeves

Now in the Fall, sadly the shoulders are not likely to get anymore attention 😀 Instead the ‘Baby-bell sleeve’ tops and dresses replaced them.

Bell sleeved tops (blouses, sweaters) look incredibly elegant. You can pair them with a pair of jeans, or under a mini or maxi dress, depending on the temperature.

The whole idea behind this trend is to make a statement entirely based on sleeves without giving any further stretch to other items in whole look.



Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets, I don’t think is a seasonal item anymore! They were up year-round, meaning it’s about style as much as its utility. These jackets quickly went from a must-have item to a closet staple in a matter of months.



Block Heel Pumps

Chunky block heels are not only on-trend but also are very comfortable and adorable. This season’s block heels are so in vogue. It is a classy way to refresh your denim outfits, office looks, and everything in between.



Ankle High Boots

Which is the one shoe style do you think every woman needs in her fall wardrobe this Fall? I know… A sick pair of ankle boots! (Sigh)

This particular fit of ankle boots hits just a little higher than your average booties, say, just above your ankles.

You would love to pair them with either a cropped skinny jeans, midi skirts or dresses for  fall/winter, but I tell you… they are already a hit!



Statement Chokers

Trust me, the world is obsessed over choker necklaces right now. The choker, of any style, name it: velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather has been popular so far. These styles will be popular through the Fall too!




Guitar Strap Bags

The trendiest add-ons for handbags this Fall are not playful pompoms or fuzzy charms, but rather ‘Thick guitar straps’ that will serve to amp up and update your handbag game.

Wide, embellished guitar straps are the headline for the ‘Fall Handbag Trend’ this season. Multicolored embroidery, appliqué, studs and more. This show stopping bag trend is the most buzzed about this Fall.



Fall Florals

Its not every Fall, that the designers play with florals. But for 2016, a pretty large number of designers added small yet bold prints to few clothing pieces: sweatshirts, skirts and dresses.

You’ll ask what’s interesting about the florals for Fall 2016 then? It is that they aren’t particularly autumnal. You can use them through springtime, too!

Floral prints mixed with other botanical design patterns, floral tights and floral knee-high boots are up on the streets already.



Layered Necklaces

Although chokers are not going anywhere any soon, but here comes another trend to replace the heavier statement necklaces, is that, the ‘Layered necklaces’.

The key to this trend is easy. Just pile on the delicate simple and small necklaces and be ready to make a big statement. The trick is to  just mix lengths so that the chains don’t tangle while you wear them.

For example to go for a graduated effect—start with a delicate shorter necklace and then move on to slightly chunkier, longer necklaces. Say a delicate diamond + small gold charm + medium gold charm and you are good to go!



With all this, ending this post by wishing you all a great weekend 🙂

Don’t forget to share  your views on these trends. I’ll be waiting 🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

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