Tips & Tricks For Dark Lip: Fall Edition


Dark lips in the fall are as groundbreaking as florals for spring! The time has finally come for the bold, deep and darker lip looks. Precisely, Fall is an opportune time to stash all your summer’s pink and nude lipsticks and switch to something bold.

But before diving into this bold(ness), there are few set of rules you need to follow which can make a huge difference in overall look.

If you want to achieve the perfect dark lip look, I bet you can’t go wrong with these tips and tricks. Please keep reading.

1. First thing first, find out the right lip color for you. Do some research and find out what you are into. There are many options available with different undertones: Mahogany, Deep burgundy, Bordeaux, Merlot, Wine and so on.

2. And by that, I mean to find a right color with ‘right undertone’ which would flatter your skin tone. For example if your are choosing wine lipstick shade, you need to make sure that the undertone of that wine lipstick should match with your own skin tone (cool, warm or neutral). This way the color will look more flattering on you. Here’s a real simple trick to do this. When you’re trying a lip shade in a department store or in a drug store, apply the shade to your lips and see if it brightens your face or makes you look tired. If it lights up your complexion, that’s the right shade for you.


3. Next, prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing before application.This will make the color go on smoother and last longer. Thinking to wear a dark lip color on chapped lips is a strict NO-NO.


4. Make sure to remove those baby hairs around your lips. If you’ll ignore this step, those hairs are going to look more prominent than ever, once you wear a dark lip! Your mouth area is going be noticeable.



5. It is important to conceal your dark under eye area to provide a clean canvas for darker lips. And try to keep the face neutral.You also have to spend a minute to perfect your skin, which is something a lot of people tend to forget. Look for a good BB or CC cream. Use a tinted moisturizer that will help you achieve a glowing and more even complexion. It will help the dark lip stand out as bolder, cleaner and with more impact.


6. Next apply the lipstick. Just DON’T apply it straight from lipstick bullet. Instead, it will be better to use a lip brush to give you a control over the application and intensity. Brush will help apply the product on your lips evenly. Swipe it on from the outer corner of the mouth to center on both the upper and lower lips, then fill in the rest of the pout. Once you’ve applied your lipstick with a lip brush, run your liner in a matching shade along the perimeter of your lips to give them a borderline.

In some cases, the lip pencils can be overwhelming and take the focus away from the actual lip color, so to avoid that, use this one simple trick. If you’re using a matte color, you can use the pencil to smooth and perfect the look after applying the lipstick, but if it’s glossy, you’ll want to apply the liner first to give the lip color hold and definition.


7. Next you got to conceal the area around the lips to create a clean edge. This will give you more elegant, sophisticated and polished look.


8. You must know about keeping your makeup light while wearing a bold lip. But do you know that you need a bold ‘Brow’ to rock this bold lip look? Defined Brow and lots of mascara would make much difference. Avoid contouring and highlighting though, that might can create an unflattering effect!



Last but not least, wear your bold look with confidence. A dark lip, no matter the undertone, is a statement and a strong one, so wear it like you’re going to own it!

A lot of women shy away from dark lips, staying firmly in the pink and nude zone. But the reality is that if you think you can not wear a dark lip, chances are you just haven’t found the right color yet!

So, are you into darker shades too? Let me know what tips and tricks do you use to channel your darker side 😉

See you soon in the next post 🙂

Until then…

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