Skin care Tips for Autumn (Changing Weather)

Skin becomes much more sensitive as the temperature drops. The changing weather can really affect our skin, if we do not take proper care of it. And if we are using the wrong products: the ones which are not suitable for the season, it can double up everything from causing acne breakouts to flaky skin and what not!

Just as in summers, our skin needs lighter yet protective, moisturizing alternatives which can be absorbed immediately without being greasy. In the winters too, our skin needs certain kind of protection and proper hydration as our skin usually gets drier easily, more prone to irritations, flakiness and redness.

As we move towards the Autumn season, the humidity levels tend to drop off. Since it’s the transitioning season, the air tends to get drier, so as our skin. As a result,  our skin loses its moisture and gets dry pretty easily. Ideally, we want to amp up our skincare routine and swap our summer products for richer, more nourishing autumn/winter alternatives.

Few Tips:

1. First thing first, it’s important to replace the cleansers as we move from summer into fall. Try to avoid ingredients with glycolic or salicylic acid which would be more drying. It’s better to make these changes before winter starts (in the fall) so it gives your skin a chance to adjust.

2. If your facial skin is uncomfortably dry, try to avoid using the harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents, all of which can strip vital oil from your skin. Instead, find a cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser, a toner with no alcohol, and masks that are deeply hydrating. Also, before bed, gently cleanse your skin and then apply a rich night moisturising repair cream. Look for creams full of antioxidants, as nighttime is the best time to repair the skin. As skin can become a little dryer as the temperature cools, and central heating is turned on, after cleansing at night try adding a few drops of a rich nourishing oil to  night cream for an extra boost.

3. You may have found a moisturizer that works just fine in spring and summer. But as the weather conditions change, its very important that you should update your skin care routine. Find a moisturizer that’s oil-based, rather than water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. But choose your oils with care because not all oils are appropriate for the face.

4. Harsh central heating causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from our skin. This can cause cracking, flaking and irritation. Invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist in your home and/or workplace. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water and moisturize your skin as often as necessary, along with replenishing lip balm and extra-thick hand/foot cream.

5. Hot baths and showers can be an absolute necessity in the coming colder days. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bubbles or a nice soothing shower. But sadly, they can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will eventually lead to dryness. So, it is very important to moisturize head to toe after getting out of a hot shower.
A lukewarm bath with oatmeal or bath oils can help relieving the dry skin that has become itchy and uncomfortable.

6. This is the most important tip, as many women make this mistake. Ladies… Sunscreen is not just for summertime! Winter sun combined with snow glare can still damage your skin. Remember, you still need to protect your skin from the sun all year round, so try to find a good day moisturizing cream that has a minimum SPF15 and a good UVA protection. Use this as a base everyday before applying your makeup.

7. When the weather is changing, sometimes it’s best just to let the skin have a short break. In other words, try to skip aggressive treatments for a little bit, and try exfoliating less (for example, say once a week as opposed to twice) and instead concentrate more on gentle cleansing and moisturizing. Exfoliate (if you must) with an oil-based scrub. Oil-based scrubs are wonderful because they exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time.

8. And last, when in doubt, consider all your personal factors together, like: Age, the climate you live in, skin type, etc. and then decide what works best for you. For example, the things I was using 10 years ago when I was living in India, definitely do not work for my skin anymore, in these weather conditions here in Boston!!

Along with all these tips, I’d suggest, to give your skin a healthy and dewy look in this season,  prefer using cream based makeup products. Dewy foundations, cream blushes, contour sticks etc. could be a better alternatives in coming days!

Let me know how do you like to protect and pamper your skin during this time. I’d love to hear all. 🙂

See you soon in the next post.

Until then…

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