Foundation Tips/Hacks: Everything You Need To Know

Foundation— although seems a very simple step in makeup application but there’s a reason they call it Foundation! Why you may ask? Because it has the power to bring your entire makeup look together with a flawless and strong base.

So let’s proceed with a few vital foundation tips and hacks, which I believe every girl/woman should know! And if you are a beginner in this subject, you don’t want to miss this post 😉 Please keep reading…

1. Apply all these products in order: Moisturizer, Primer, Color corrector, Foundation and Concealer.


Generally, when we use Color correctors, there is a tendency that we are likely to follow the traditional guideline to apply them on our skin, but, this is actually a very crucial step to observe and understand before using them!


For example, if someone says that orange/peach color corrector works best to correct someone’s under eye dark circles and darkness (pigmentation) around the mouth, then it isn’t necessary that it will work good for you as well! So, the best thing to do is to test and try different options with each makeup application before you finalize anything for yourself!

Usually the ‘Pale Pink’ corrector targets blue tone spots on ‘Fair Skin’. ‘Peach’ color corrector targets blue tone shadows on ‘Medium Skin’. ‘Yellow’ targets dark tone shadows on ‘Olive/Tan’ skin. ‘Green’ cancels out redness. ‘Lavender’ cancels yellow tones. ‘Orange-pink’ targets dark spots on ‘Dark Skin’.


2. Know your skin type and corresponding foundation formula. Your skin type and foundation formula go hand-in-hand. Also, keep an open mind to update your foundation routine in every season; both shade and formula wise. Foundation shade & formula you’ve been using in winters may not work well in summers and vice-versa. You can choose any one from Powder foundation to liquid foundation to stick foundation according to your preference and skin type.

And then conceal the blemishes etc.


3. Use the foundation shade with the right undertones for your skin. There are 3 types of undertones for both skin and the foundations available in the market: Warm, Cool and Neutral. Your foundation will only complement your skin, if you’ll pick and apply the right undertone foundation, while the wrong one will make you look washed or ashy. Use your jawbone to test out atleast 3 different shades before finalizing anything.


4. Warm up your foundation before application. To make the most of your foundation, warm it up slightly before applying it to your face. This will thin out your foundation slightly, giving you a more natural coverage.


5. Start from the middle and always swipe downward. Blend the foundation from the center of your face to outward for a more natural finish. The most coverage is often needed in the centre of your face. Apply your foundation here first, and blend it out towards your jaw and hairline. Also apply your foundation with downward strokes to avoid highlighting the peach fuzz on your face. If you go upward on the face, it will fill in your pores and make them stand out.


6. Try to apply foundation in natural light (unless you are doing makeup in night time). Start with a thin layer of foundation and build as required. Foundations come in basically 3 types of coverage: ‘Sheer’, ‘Medium’ & ‘Full’. For example: Full coverage foundations hardly need a build up!


7. If you like applying your base with a brush, use the makeup sponge or beauty blender afterwards to buff the tiny strokes and press the foundation into skin for a more natural finish. Don’t forget your neck! Make sure you apply the foundation all the way down to your neck, so that the face and the neck will look the same shade.


8. Keep the powder only to the T-zone. Powder is great in achieving the matte look (for combination/oily skin) but some of us have a tendency to add too much and that becomes an overkill. Try to powder just along your T-zone instead, because that is the spot where you can get more oily over the time.


9. You can always turn your matte finish into a dewy one (if you’ve a dry or combination skin) by adding a drop or two of your facial oil to your foundation.

No.-13-Facial-Oils10. If your foundation is too light or too dark for your skin, you can customize your shade with these lightening (or darkening) products. Finally, don’t forget to set your foundation by using a face mist or setting spray and you are good to go!


Setting Sprays to set the makeup look:

setting spray

These are the tips and tricks that I personally keep in mind while applying the foundation/makeup on my face. I’d love to know if you can add more, it surely will be a help 🙂

See you all soon in the next post!
Until then…

40 thoughts on “Foundation Tips/Hacks: Everything You Need To Know

  1. I really want to try colour correcting for my under eyes, but have a hard time identifying the colour of my dark circles. They seem to be a combination of a few colours. I may pick up an inexpensive colour correction pallet to play with the different options to see what works best. I’m wondering if a combining a couple of colour correctors under my eyes would work. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


    • Hey Tania… I had same problem with my under eye skin, I wasn’t able to detect the true color under there… Not much options worked out for me. Then one time I tried the combination of yellow and peach (I’ve warm undertone) color correctors with under eye concealer after, and it worked much better than other times! Also, how you apply these products, makes a huge difference in final result! Have a great day 🙂 ❤


  2. This truly is an art form.. Don’t ever sell yourself short thinking you aren’t an artist.. What a tremendous post that I will definitely save because I’ve learned so much!! Thank you!!

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