NYX Cosmetics Mini Haul Part-1: Swatches & Reviews


NYX cosmetics is a worldwide well-known brand. The best thing about this brand is the quality it provides for the money value. Recently, as I was exploring their website, few products caught my eye and the way these products were getting hype, I instantly knew I had to try them 😀 So I bought a few of them and I am so excited to share this ‘mini’ haul because most of the products I bought, I’m quite impressed with their quality for such a reasonable price!

Out of all the products I purchased, few of them are from their new collection and few are from the regular old ones!

Since it’s a joint post for the Haul and Reviews together, I’ve decided to divide this post into two parts. Lets roll with the part-1… Shall we?

NYX Slim Lip Pencils (lip liners)


I got total three lip pencils from NYX, costing 3.50 USD each. They (NYX) provide a wide variety of colors. I tried few lip liners from this brand few years back, which I didn’t like much then. Reason: the colors I got, most of them were really dry and chalky so I had to throw them right away! Since then I was on NYX break! 😀 But recently while looking for new product launches on their website, I decided to try a few lip liners as well (I took my chances 😉 ) So I ended up buying these three picks:


NOTE: I did these lip swatches without wearing any chapstick under, so that you can get a real feel of how much creamy or matte they actually look!

1. PALE PINK: It is a light mauve cool-toned pink with a lavender undertone. The texture is workable but not so creamy. But the good thing is that it does not look chalky on the lips (specially for my skin tone). Also It provides a very solid base for a lipstick or lipgloss. The pigmentation for this one is okay! Its almost similar to my natural lip color with a little more pale undertone.

2. NUDE PINK: This shade is a medium pink nude.  The color is very neutral; neither too cool nor too warm. If you have a medium olive warm skin tone, then this shade is for you! The moment I applied this shade on my lips, I knew my search for the perfect nude pink for my skin tone has ended! Also the pigmentation and staying power is good.

3. PRUNE: It is a very pretty voilet – plum shade. It has a creamy texture but as you wear it on the lips it gives a matte look. It has good staying power, and the only thing I noticed in all three lip products is that they feel little dry after sometime, so it is highly advisable to well moisturize you lips before using the lip liners with chapstick etc. if you’re going to wear them alone (without adding any lipstick or lipgloss).

Likes: Colors are pretty. (Not chalky, specially these 3)
The texture is smooth. Pigmentation is good.
Staying power is decent.

Dislikes: Needs sharpening. Feels dry especially if you have dry lips.

Overall I would say these lip liners are great for the given price and they do have a lot of dupes for MAC lip pencils. If you can work with the dryness, I would say go try them as many as you can 😀

NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows

Well to begin with, I would say these could be ‘The best’ eyeshadows for the starters! I got two shades for a price of 4.50 USD each. I am quite impressed with their quality, the colors, the texture and what not!

Infact I’d say I’m obsessed! The colors are very pigmented. You can use them either ways, either dry or wet, they’ll work just as fine. The formula is easy to build on and quite bendable.

1. SHOWGIRL: The first one I got is #Showgirl, which is a very pearly/frosty copper brown shade. It definitely looks more beautiful on eyes than on arm (swatch).

showgirl single

2. LOL: The other one is #LOL which is a matte deep orange color.
I had never tried an orange color shadow before. But I tried this on my eyes and it perfectly complimented my skin tone and it works great as a transition color.

LOL single
I recently found out that NYX has officially launched its products in India. And I’m assuming, many of you, would have already tried quite a few products here and there by now. Would love to know what did you get your hands on 🙂 See you in the next ‘part’ of this post!

Until then…

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