H&M Beauty: Nail Polish Swatches


H&M has always been one of my favorite stores. Its been a while now, H&M has launched their beauty line in USA. Few weeks back, I got a chance to purchase and try few nail-paints from their huge nail polish collection. The range of colors in the nail polishes is endless. You can find almost any color in any shade you can imagine!

The quality of the H&M Nail polish is great. The color payoff is also amazing as well as it doesn’t get flaky. The brushes are wide and flat and slightly rounded which helps apply the polish quicker on the nail. I really loved the brushes and for all those who love a wide flat nail polish brush, its a pretty awesome option!

I got total 6 nail polishes. Most of the polishes give a really pretty glossy finish and gets fairly opaque coverage with 2 coats. But if you have time and patience for 3 coats of polish you will be totally set.


MIMOSA BLOSSOM: This shade is a very pleasant pretty light yellow in color with a little bit of shimmer added. As you can see its not totally opaque. I have applied 2 coats here, but you can apply 3 coats to get desired result!


ORANGEADE: Its a very bright orange shade with a glossy finish, perfect for spring/summer. I have applied 2 coats for this result.


HELIOTROPE: Heliotrope is a pretty lavender shade with shiny finish. Again, I’ve applied 2 coats of this polish here!


MILKY TEA: Its a pinkish nude shade. It has little sheer finish, but not so much. I have applied 3 coats to get the actual color on my nails!


PEPPERMINT: As the name says its a minty green color. Pretty opaque and glossy in finish. I’ve applied 2 coats for this result.


ROCK OYESTER: Is a metallic gray kind of color. Very opaque. I just needed to apply single coat to get this color on my nails!

Each nail polish had cost me 5.99 USD.The quantity in each bottle is 8 ml. The formulas are smooth and nice.

Overall I think H&M did a great job on all the packaging of these products. I did expect H&M beauty products to be a bit more affordable but I do think the quality of what I’ve tried so far is really great.The formulas are fantastic and application is a fun!

That’s all I have today! 🙂
Did you try them yet? Let me know your thoughts on these!

Until then…

55 thoughts on “H&M Beauty: Nail Polish Swatches

    • Thats’s sad! But as far as I know they (h&m) are expanding their business worldwide… hopefully they’ll launch Beauty section in India soon too 😀 Anyways… Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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