I have never been a huge fan of pink, but Blush a.k.a ‘Rose quartz’ (chosen as the color of the year 2016 by Pantone along with 9 other colors) is such a delicate, sophisticated, and elegant shade of pink that I actually enjoy looking at and wearing. In fact, ‘this’ particular shade of pink was/is my favorite since childhood when of course I wasn’t even aware of the name of this color (Blush). I’d say I’m actually very excited to see this shade almost everywhere and in everything; be it clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, even bath and bedding.

But specially when it comes to clothing; although ‘Blush’ is a very beautiful softer, lighter and fresh shade of pink, it may or may not compliment all the complexions, but it can work spectacularly if we (you) know how to and which colors we should pair it with. Though you can totally rock the Head to toe blush look as well!




Just like the blush makeup, there are lots of different blush tones out there, from whisper soft ones to richer, more saturated hues. So, If you want to incorporate blush pink fashion into your wardrobe this summer but not sure how to work with it, keep scrolling down!

First of all, begin your blush journey by introducing the ‘key pieces’ to your look. Tops and blouses are always a safer option to begin with.


Keep it simple and sophisticated by following the ‘less is more’ approach and see how that will work for you!

Next, try to combine it with a pastel palette. Blush pairs beautifully with other pastels. You don’t want to mix too many pastels together, as you want each color to speak for itself. You can try pairing blush with any other pastel such as: Mint green, Soft lilac, Pastel blue, Light grey or Pastel yellow, and see how it turns out to be. 🙂

For me if you ask, I am totally in awe of this color right now… how about you? Is it currently your favorite too? Waiting to hear from you! 😀

Until then…


  1. I’ve never been big on pink either, but like you said, blush pink is such a sophisticated shade of pink! I love all the picks that inspired you 🙂 I especially love that sari!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


  2. Love this trend so much ! Blush pink, pastel colors you name it ! Totally a favorite. I got a purse last year from Guess and wore it all year around. Prettiest thing ever!


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