e.l.f. ‘Powder Blush Palette’

‘Blushes’ have always been one of my favorite makeup items. If wore correctly, it can add a very beautiful freshness & youthful appearance to the skin. Also it can improve overall facial appearance by emphasizing the cheekbones, which in turn can instantly makes you look younger, healthier and prettier!




Honestly speaking, this is my first ever ‘elf’ buy. And I can say I’m quite impressed by the quality of the products inside these blush palettes. e.l.f. palettes are available in two options: Light and Dark for a price of ‘6 US Dollar’ per palette.

The ‘Light Blush palette’ contains 4 blush shades: a cool soft pink, a warm apricot bronze, a medium-deep pink, and a pink-toned coral. The first three shades are off-matte (but not chalky at all). The coral shade (#4) has a little shimmer in the pan, but it doesn’t look over shimmery on the cheeks which is good thing!

2The ‘Dark Blush palette’ also contains 4 blush shades: a medium peach, a raspberry pink, a deep strawberry, and a red-toned plum.  All shades except the deep strawberry shade have the same off-matte finish whereas the this shade (#7) has a little shimmer, and again, the shimmer is hardly noticeable on the skin.

3The palette comes with a decent size of mirror which is a plus. Also, you have the option to pop in and out each blush from the compact. Since the texture of blushes is very delicate, you may want to be a little more gentle and extra careful while popping the blushes in and out!




As for the pigmentation level of these blushes, it is GREAT. All the colors have very good pigmentation. The staying power is also okay. Colors will stay at least about 5 to 6 hours before you will notice any significant fade. But do keep in mind, your skin type (normal, combination or oily) may affect the long wearing of blush.



As you can see the swatches, these blushes don’t look or feel cheap!  They are extremely pigmented, versatile, smooth and matte at the same time. You can mix the colors and be more creative with your makeup looks.

I am sure many of you must have already tried these palettes months ago. If not… I insist give them a try. The only downside I see in these palettes is that some of the colors are too pigmented, therefore you need to be a little extra careful during the application. Other than that I think they are absolutely good to go. Again, in my opinion, they are definitely worth a try for such a good and affordable price!

All (or any) of  you who tried these palettes already, do share your experience with me… It will surely enhance my makeup knowledge for future. 🙂

Until then…

51 thoughts on “e.l.f. ‘Powder Blush Palette’

  1. I love this blush palette. I have in Light shade and I love how pigmented are long lasting they are . Nice review honey:)!


  2. It’s been a while since I purchased anything from elf. These blush palettes are gorgeous! The swatches are impressive. I’ll have to see if I can track one of these down. The Light Blush Palette especially!


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